Meet The Mayor

Robin was acclaimed as the Mayor of Westport in the October 2018 election and is proud to represent this wonderful municipality for a 2nd term as Mayor and 3rd term on Council. 

During the last term of Westport Council, there were many accomplishments, including the replacement of the waste water system in 2018.  Councillors Jackalyn Brady, Gerald Schwinghamer, Frank Huth & Mark Parliament worked very hard and reached many of the goals Council had established.

The municipal election in October 2018 returned one former member to Council, Jackalyn Brady.  New Councillors are Melissa Sullivan, Rob Roberts and Barry Card.  Council will have additional financial challenges over the next 4 years due to the provincial deficit and the government’s commitment to balance its budget by 2022.

The first decision the new Council had to make was in relation to allowing Cannabis Retail Stores in Westport. Councillors had heard from many residents and business owners during the election campaign, however at the December 2018 Committee of the Whole meeting, they decided to send a letter to each asking for their input.  Having given everyone three weeks to share their comments, Councillors made their unanimous decision on January 8, 2019 to allow cannabis stores.  

Committees of Council’s terms of reference and Council chairs will be discussed at the January Committee of the Whole meeting (Jan 15) and then the public will be invited to submit their applications to be members of  council committees.  Committee work will likely begin in March when community members are appointed.  

Lots still to do in the Village, including continued work in Lockwood Park, business attraction and retention, tourism initiatives, and of course – Bedford St!

Mayor Jones served as Warden of United Counties of Leeds and Grenville for 2017-18 and enjoyed meeting people throughout the Counties. The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville is one of 13 counties in Eastern Ontario that belong to the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus.  In 2017, Warden Jones was elected its Chair.  This role required frequent meetings with Provincial politicians and staff to discuss concerns and advocate for issues that affect all of Eastern Ontario.  Mayor Jones is the current Chair of EORN Consulting Services and has been an AMO board member since January 2018.

Robin remains committed to the Westport Arts Council and serves as its Chair, is a Warden at St Paul’s Anglican church, spends time in her studio at the pottery wheel and enjoys the time spent with good friends and her two retrievers – Miss Meadow and Desi.

Committed to community. Dedicated to progress.

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