Meet The Mayor

Robin was elected as Mayor of Westport in October 2014 after serving as a Councillor in the previous term. During the current term of Council, there have been many accomplishments.  The most significant is the replacement of the waste water system in 2018.  The old “Snowfluent” system was the source of many expensive challenges and repairs for the previous Council, including several Provincial Offence charges by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  Council and Staff are pleased to be moving forward with a more conventional system.

As we turned the corner in 2018 with the new waste water system, there are many other indicators of a vibrant Westport community.  New businesses are opening in the Village and house sales have improved.

Lockwood Memorial Field and Park has undergone changes that have made it a wonderful green space in the centre of the Village for all to enjoy.  A walking path around the park, removal of the dilapidated tennis and shuffleboard courts, the addition of a children’s natural playground and relocation of the Cenotaph occurred between 2015-17.  In 2018, a basketball court and a covered stage are being added to complete the major components of the revitalization.  These changes were all done without tax dollars.  Thanks to the Lockwood Foundation and Ontario Trillium Fund for grants and to the fundraising initiatives of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee.

As Mayor of Westport, Robin is a member of the upper tier Council of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.  In this capacity, she was a member of the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Board of Health in 2015-16 and since 2015 has been a member of the Management Boards at Maple View Lodge and St Lawrence Lodge long term care homes.

Mayor Jones was elected Warden of United Counties of Leeds and Grenville for 2017-18 and has enjoyed meeting people throughout the Counties and working on their concerns.

The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville is one of 13 counties in Eastern Ontario that belong to the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus.  In 2017, Warden Jones was elected its Chair.  This role has required frequent meetings with the Premier and other Provincial Party leaders, Ministers and government staff to discuss concerns  and advocate for issues that affect all of Eastern Ontario.

Robin remains committed to the Westport Arts Council and serves as its Chair, is a Warden at St Paul’s Anglican church, spends time in her studio at the pottery wheel and enjoys the time spent with good friends and her two retrievers.



Committed to community. Dedicated to progress.

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