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Westport Premiere of GENTLE BEND

A Canadian film company shot a TV pilot in the Village this past summer, using Westport to represent the town of Gentle Bend, where the story is set.  Hopefully many of you saw the filming taking place around town.

Well, get ready to see Westport in film!!!  The premiere showing of the pilot, Gentle Bend, will take place on Friday, October 27th @ 7:00 p.m. at the Lions Club Beach House.  The Director and Producer will be there … and perhaps a star or two!!!  Come and join the fun and share the experience of seeing our Village used to represent Gentle Bend.GB Poster


Help fill the Westport Time Capsule

Dear Westport Residents and Business Owners,
We hope you have had a great year celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!
Now there is only one more fun thing to do before the year ends! We would like to put a Westport Time Capsule together and have it in the ground at Lockwood Park before the snow flies.
We hope you will participate in this project because it will be so easy!
We simply want you to write up a one page article on who, what, where, when and why you LOVE living in Westport!!
  • Who? Write about who you are living in Westport – a single person or a family. Everyone has a different story. And don’t forget, there are all kinds of families living in Westport (grandmas and grandpas, mom/dads and pets, big families, little families)
  • What are your favourite things or activities to do in Westport?
  • Where do you live? What is your house like and where is it located in Westport.
  • When did you or your family arrive in Westport? You might have to look a long way back in time…
  • Business Owners – tell us about your business, how long have you been open? what is special about operating a business in Westport
  • Why do you love, love, love about living, working or playing here?
You can include a photo, a picture or something that helps people in 2067 understand why we think Westport is so special – in 2017!
Please seal your written submission in an envelope and deliver it to to town hall before October 30th.

Tuesday, August 1st – 10:00 a.m. Sod Turning at Waste Water Disposal Site

Council has planned a small ceremony tomorrow to celebrate the beginning of construction for the new waste water system.  I have just received clearance for members of the public to attend.  It is taking place at 10:00 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at the WWDS on Country Road #10.

A couple of things you need to know.  As this is a construction site, access to the general public will be restricted to the area where the speeches are taking place.  There is  limited parking available, so I suggest you car pool and you may have to park on Country Road #10 and walk in.

Thank you.  If you have any questions, pls call me at 9195 or email at rjones@villageofwestport.ca.


Construction Work for new wastewater system begins Monday

It seems like it has been a long time coming – for residents and business owners and Council.  The waiting is over and the building of the new wastewater plant begins on Monday, July 24.

The tender was awarded to Selectra Construction Ltd, who will be using Hadovic Construction as its sub-contractor.  The build is expected to take 120 days, which will bring us into mid-November.  You will begin to see their vehicles on County Road 10 next week as they build a new driveway/road into the site to facilitate the heavy traffic of trucks delivering sand for the new system.  Once the road is finished, the truck traffic into the site may be quite heavy at times as the amount of sand required for the system is significant.

AECOM Engineering has provided experienced oversight and on-site supervision of the build.  Gaetan Beauchesne P.Eng has 25 years experience in water and waste water engineering and he will be overall in charge.  Sara Mashaie P.Eng will be the on-site supervisor and has 8 years experience in water and waste water.

Paul Snider, CAO and Clerk is in charge for the Village and he is strongly supported by our engineer Max Christie, Manager of Infrastructure.

I have met with all of these individuals and shared with them our values and that the future growth of the Village rests with getting this right.

Council is supportive of this group of men and women and think they are a well qualified team to build the new wastewater system that allows the Village to grow.

And so, it begins!!!!

Call if you have any questions or concerns.  9195.

The little July 1st parade that grew…

Rain could not dampen the Westport July 1st – STRONG, PROUD & FREE – Sesquicentennial parade!  At the beginning of the parade we announced that the Senior of the Year was Miss Frannie Murphy and she took her seat of honour at the beginning of the parade.  This year we had a huge number of girls, boys, moms, dads and other adults and dogs in the parade.  The bikes, trikes and other 2 &parade July 1.jpg 4 wheeled vehicles (and dogs) were all decked out in Canadian flags and red and white decorations. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to show our red and white.

Thanks to the Hutchings for the tractors, to Jerry Doyle for the red vintage entry, to Knox Presbyterian church for the fabulous float and to the Royal Canadian Legion’s Colour Party.  The parade also included 4 fire trucks, the OPP cruiser, 1 go cart and 2 horses and a pony.  Seriously!!!  In Westport.David Egan July 1

Hope everyone can join us for the rest of the day at Rideau Vista Public School!  It is going to be a great celebration for our 150th birthday!horses July 1