Westport Premiere of GENTLE BEND

A Canadian film company shot a TV pilot in the Village this past summer, using Westport to represent the town of Gentle Bend, where the story is set.  Hopefully many of you saw the filming taking place around town.

Well, get ready to see Westport in film!!!  The premiere showing of the pilot, Gentle Bend, will take place on Friday, October 27th @ 7:00 p.m. at the Lions Club Beach House.  The Director and Producer will be there … and perhaps a star or two!!!  Come and join the fun and share the experience of seeing our Village used to represent Gentle Bend.GB Poster


Westport’s Recipients of the Canada 150 medal

MP Gord Brown and MPP Steve Clark hosted a wonderful event at the Brockville Arts Centre on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 where they recognized 150 residents of Leeds & Grenville for their community leadership.  The award recipients were nominated by their Mayors, service clubs, non-profit organizations and family members.  The nominations, which came from all over Leeds & Grenville, were reviewed by a panel of judges, who selected 150 to receive a Canada 150 medallion which was designed by Gord and Steve.

Westport recipients were Bob Scott and Martha & Neil Kudrinko.  Congratulations from all of us in the Village who appreciate the efforts you put into making Westport the best place to live, work and play.

Help fill the Westport Time Capsule

Dear Westport Residents and Business Owners,
We hope you have had a great year celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!
Now there is only one more fun thing to do before the year ends! We would like to put a Westport Time Capsule together and have it in the ground at Lockwood Park before the snow flies.
We hope you will participate in this project because it will be so easy!
We simply want you to write up a one page article on who, what, where, when and why you LOVE living in Westport!!
  • Who? Write about who you are living in Westport – a single person or a family. Everyone has a different story. And don’t forget, there are all kinds of families living in Westport (grandmas and grandpas, mom/dads and pets, big families, little families)
  • What are your favourite things or activities to do in Westport?
  • Where do you live? What is your house like and where is it located in Westport.
  • When did you or your family arrive in Westport? You might have to look a long way back in time…
  • Business Owners – tell us about your business, how long have you been open? what is special about operating a business in Westport
  • Why do you love, love, love about living, working or playing here?
You can include a photo, a picture or something that helps people in 2067 understand why we think Westport is so special – in 2017!
Please seal your written submission in an envelope and deliver it to to town hall before October 30th.

The natural children’s playground is one huge step closer to being ready!

A work bee today (Sept 30) in Lockwood Park saw one huge hole in the ground, 60 cedar long logs,  sunny autumn weather and with the hard work of 9 amazing volunteers turn into the skeleton of our playground.  Next week the hole will be filled with stones and then the finishing touches can be done to the structure.  (So it is still a construction area!).

Many thanks to Paul Snider, Mark Snider, Heather Snider,  Ike Doornekamp, Peter Vanderschuit, Frank Huth,  Bob Popma, Dave Bylsma and Paul and Henry Millar.





The Cenotaph has been moved to its new and prominent position in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park

In 2016, Westport Village Council determined that its 2017 Sesquicentennial project would be moving the cenotaph from the fire hall parking lot to a prime location in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park.  Today, under the supervision of Josh Doornekamp, the move was completed.  Although there is still lots to do to get the area ready for November 11, you can already see why we felt it was important to move the cenotaph to this new location.

The park is also about to get the first phase of its playground.  Mr Paul Snider, our CAO, and a group of amazing volunteers will be building the playground on Saturday.  Wow!

Take a moment to come to the park.  Walk a few laps on the track, sit on one of the benches and visit with friends and family and take a moment to enjoy this jewel in the middle of the village.cenotaph Sep 27

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