Flower Beds have new caretakers in Lockwood Park

Many thanks to St Paul’s Anglican Church congregants, Frances Hazell, Mary Chaikowsky and Arthur Thompson for the effort they have put into the two Memorial Gate flower beds in Lockwood Park.

The past couple of years, I weeded them in advance of the July 1 celebrations, but these orphan gardens needed a lot of TLC.  What a difference some time and effort have made. Frances and Mary planted beautiful annuals in time for Canada Day and ensured they were watered and maintained all summer.

Last week, Frances, Mary and Arthur worked together to plant hydrangeas.  I am sure they will be stunning next summer.  Thank you for taking the initiative and making our park more colourful.


Licensed Cannabis Retail Stores approved by Westport Council

The issue of whether Council will permit licensed cannabis retail stores was decided on January 8, 2019.  After much consultation, including a letter placed in every Westport post office mail box encouraging residents & business owners to share their opinions with members of Council, Councillors were unanimous in approving licensed cannabis retail stores in the Village subject to complying with all AGCO requirements and proper zoning.

Councillors, during the debate on licensed cannabis retail stores on January 8th, shared that they were surprised at the lack of concerns reported by residents and business owners on the subject – particularly in response to the letter.  Many people raised their lack of support for the federal government’s decision for legalization of cannabis.  However in light of that decision, the majority of people felt there was no reason to deny someone from setting up a legal licensed cannabis retail store.

If you have read the news this week, you will know that due to a lack of supply of legal cannabis the Ontario government has stated that it will only authorize 25 licensed cannabis retail stores to open on April 1.   Who knows if and when a licensed cannabis retail store will open in Westport, however I wanted you to know that all Councillors took great pains to be informed and to learn what the constituents of the village wanted to see in Westport.

If you have concerns or questions, call any time.  @9195

To coin a familiar Canadian phrase, “IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE!”

Winter is back this morning, but we missed the freezing rain.  Public Works is busy clearing the streets and sidewalks and the Counties have done several sweeps of their roads with plows and sand/salt.

Emergency Survival Kit

This is the second “freezing rain” event in the past two weeks.  Do you have a plan and emergency survival kit to take care of yourself and family for at least 72 hours immediately following an emergency?

Here is the Emergency Management Ontario link that covers how to be prepared. https://www.emergencymanagementontario.ca/english/beprepared/Step1MakeAPlan/Step1_make_a_plan.html

Sump Pump Connections

The heavy rain these past few days has resulted in wet basements and, consequently, sump pumps are working hard.  Please remember that it is illegal to connect your sump pump to the waste water system.

Council continues to have concerns about the number of properties discharging clean sump pump water to the waste water lagoons.  Every person who disconnects a sump pump from the sewer pipes becomes part of the Village solution, instead of the problem.  As I walk in the Village, I note that several properties have disconnected from the sewer system over the past couple of years.  On behalf of Council and Staff, thank you for working with us to reduce the exponential amount of clean water being sent to the waste water lagoons.

However, there are still property owners that are not in compliance with the by-law.  Research indicates that 10 sump pumps connected to the waste water pipes is equal to the normal household discharge of 300 homes. The pipes were all examined in 2018 & 2019 and are in good condition without leaks.

Members of Council visited every residence in late 2019 and conducted a survey regarding downspout and sump pump connections.  Council approved the purchase of a flow meter, which has been installed in the sewer pipes.  It will measure unusually high flows for a limited number of properties.  Over the next few months, Public Works will be following up with property owners in these areas.  Property owners with sump pumps still connected to the sewer pipes are encouraged to make the necessary changes.

Please check your sump pump connection to-day and if you have any questions, contact Mr Peter Evans, Supervisor of Public Works @ 613-273-2191 or pevans@villageofwestport.ca.

Updates from Westport Public Works Department.

re: Christmas Tree and Fallen Trees/Branches clean up

Public Works will pick up Christmas trees left at the curb every day until Wednesday, January 8th.

Public Works will have a chipper in the Village late next week to remove several trees downed on municipal property during Monday’s ice storm.  They will also remove fallen trees/branches for you if they are placed at the curb by the morning of Thursday, January 9th.

Thanks Peter, Derek and Jamie.

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