Licensed Cannabis Retail Stores approved by Westport Council

The issue of whether Council will permit licensed cannabis retail stores was decided on January 8, 2019.  After much consultation, including a letter placed in every Westport post office mail box encouraging residents & business owners to share their opinions with members of Council, Councillors were unanimous in approving licensed cannabis retail stores in the Village subject to complying with all AGCO requirements and proper zoning.

Councillors, during the debate on licensed cannabis retail stores on January 8th, shared that they were surprised at the lack of concerns reported by residents and business owners on the subject – particularly in response to the letter.  Many people raised their lack of support for the federal government’s decision for legalization of cannabis.  However in light of that decision, the majority of people felt there was no reason to deny someone from setting up a legal licensed cannabis retail store.

If you have read the news this week, you will know that due to a lack of supply of legal cannabis the Ontario government has stated that it will only authorize 25 licensed cannabis retail stores to open on April 1.   Who knows if and when a licensed cannabis retail store will open in Westport, however I wanted you to know that all Councillors took great pains to be informed and to learn what the constituents of the village wanted to see in Westport.

If you have concerns or questions, call any time.  @9195


Ontario Amateur Softball holds Springboard Program in Lockwood Park May 18, 2019


Clinics 1Clinics 2

Well done Bundy, Scott, Troy and everyone else involved in supporting the Ontario Amateur Softball Association offering its pre-season Springboard Program Lockwood Field, Westport today.   The clinics offered fun skills and drills to players in two age groups: 8 to 12 and 13 to 16. The younger group had approx 28 players this morning and there looked to be around 60 involved this afternoon.  Players were doing drills to learn and practice the basic fundamentals of the game of fastball: Catching and Fielding, Throwing, Hitting. There is also a pitching session taught by Softball Ontario’s CANpitch instructors. Yes, right here in your Village.  What a great event!

Provincial Government provides $71 million financial commitment to improve cell gap in Eastern Ontario

On Friday, May 17, the Honourable Monte McNaughton, Minister of Infrastructure for the province, announced a $71 million financial commitment by the Provincial Government to improve cell coverage in Eastern Ontario.  The Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus has made this its highest priority for the past two years.  Special thank you to our own MPP Steve Clark, whose support for this project has remained strong.

Thank you Volunteers! Another successful Village Clean Up day.

Our group of volunteers first want to give a big shout out to the students of Rideau Vista Public School and St Edward’s School for the stellar job they did picking up garbage and raking leaves a couple of weeks ago.  When the Village Clean Up volunteers met this morning, we all commented on how clean the village was due to the efforts of the students.

So we went back home and got our brooms (and a couple of garden leaf blowers) and hit the sidewalks to remove as much of the remaining sand before the street cleaners sweep through this coming week.

Thank you volunteers – this has become an annual get together for us and I hope that it continues for years to come.  Special thanks to Mr Tim Richards, who lives in North Carolina and summers here, who joined the work crew.

Village Clean up 2019.jpg


FINALLY … It is warm enough to get rakes and brooms out to give our village a spring cleaning.  If you have some free time tomorrow morning, please join us at Town Hall at 9:00 where you will be given a safety vest, garbage bags and work assignment.  Oh right! there will be coffee and doughnuts at Town Hall as well.  The morning wraps up by noon with pizza at the Spring.  Please bring your rakes, brooms, gloves and wear a hat.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


Join us for Dream Big Westport – Part 2!  Lots of planning has taken place since we met in March.  Opportunities have been identified, partnerships formed and people are drawing on their passion for Westport to Dream Big!  Come and cheer for your colleagues as they provide updates on their initiatives and events. You will have the opportunity to share what you have been thinking as well.  I will provide an update on the grant application for Bedford St as well as the progress on illegal connections to the sewer system.

Breakfast is available at 8:00 from the Cove.  $10 pp

Business meeting begins at 8:30.

Hope to see you there … bring your neighbour and friends.

Committed to community. Dedicated to progress.