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Leeds, Grenville and Lanark HEALTH UNIT COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

I spoke to the Health Unit last week and requested that Westport be selected for a vaccination site. I was informed that a mobile site will be set up at the Community Centre (arena) – likely in July.

The availability of vaccines remains a challenge for the federal government. We are all watching the reports and waiting for some positive signs that large amounts of vaccine are arriving in Canada.

The Ministry of Health has set a 3 phase strategy and within each phase has identified priority populations. The Health Unit has taken these phases and groups and developed a six stage roll out plan for our area.

Stage 1: Long-Term Care Homes/High risk Retirement Homes Staff, Residents and Designated Essential Care Givers

Stage 2: Highest priority and very high priority Health Care Workers (HCW) and Adults (80+)

Stage 3: High priority Health Care Workers, residents and staff of congregate living facilities (such as group homes, shelters, low risk retirement homes), all Indigenous adults, adult recipients of homecare

Stage 4: Moderate priority Health Care Workers, Essential Workers (first responders, teachers, food industry, etc)

Stage 5: High Risk population (to be defined by Ministry of Health) and beginning of age cohorting (ages 60+ to start)

Stage 6: All others in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark that are 16 + and would like the vaccine

Here is the Health Units’ tentative schedule. If shipments from the manufacturer are delayed, timelines will be pushed back.

  • Stage 1:
    • January – February: First dose*
    • February – March: Second dose*
  • Stage 2:
    • February – March: First dose*
    • March – April: Second dose*
  • Stage 3:
    • March – May: First dose*
    • April – June: Second dose*
  • Stage 4:
    • March – June: First dose*
    • April – July: Second dose*
  • Stage 5:
    • March – August: First dose*
    • April – September: Second dose*
  • Stage 6:
    • July – onward: First dose*
    • August – onward: Second dose*

Individuals who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in each stage will be notified by public health. For the first 4 stages (Long-Term Care Homes, High Risk Retirement Homes, Health Care workers, residents and staff of congregate living facilities, and essential workers) this notification will happen through the facility or workplace. For those 80+ in stage 2, and those in stage 5 and 6 (high risk population, and age cohorts), the Health Unit will be communicating widely on social media sites, its website, through local radio and newspaper, as well as through their healthcare and community partners. The Health Unit will continue to update the public about its progress, including which stage they are in and which priority population is receiving vaccine and which priority population is next to receive vaccine.

All vaccinations will require an appointment and I was assured that there will be lots of “help desks” available to provide support in making these appointments.

Here is the Health Unit’s web site. Please watch it for updates.

Congratulations Westport Rideaus! 1st Place at end of regular season

Final score Rideaus Feb 23

Rideaus final weekend of the regular series had two wins.  They played Athens (3 ATH – 8 WPT) on Friday night and this afternoon (Saturday) took on the Winchester Hawks (1WIN – 6 WPT)  AND ARE IN FIRST PLACE GOING INTO THE SEMI-FINALS!

So What’s Next?  The 4th and 5th teams meet in a best-of-three divisional preliminary round with the winner meeting Westport in a best-of-seven semi-final.  LOTS more exciting Rideaus hockey yet to watch this season.  Stay tuned for dates & times.

Interested in helping Friends Of The Arena (FOTA) at its work bees this month?

Mark Herlehy and FOTA will be at the arena on the below listed nights getting things ready for the season.  If you can give them a hand, you will find they are a very friendly, well organized group to join.

Work Bees

FOTA has scheduled work bees for 3 Tuesday nights in August.

Tues. August 14 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Tues. Aug 21 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Tues. Aug 28 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Anyone who would like to help out, please just show up, and bring some tools or paint brushes if you have them.

If you have any questions please give Mark a call at 273-3582 or 328-6049.


Love Hockey? Love the Rideaus? You can help .. it only takes a few minutes.

Westport Arena has been nominated for Kraft Hockeyville and the winning community will host an NHL Pre-Season Game and receive $250,000 in upgrades to the arena.  We need your help and all you have to do is click on the link and then tell your story about Westport and our arena.  Please take the five minutes.  $250,000 would go a long way…a new roof, a new Zamboni, or other items on FOTA’s list!

Here is the link … thank you for helping.



Westport Rideaus Home Opener tonight – September 15

Tonight’s the night!  Friday, Sept 15 at 8:00 p.m. our Rideaus take on Athens.  Lots happened at the arena over the summer thanks to FOTA.  Any seat you take tonight will have a great view of the ice.  Others changes?  Marty Hawkins and Janet Mulville are running the canteen this season – so you know there will be lots of great food available.

Come on out tonight and cheer the Rideaus on.