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Town Hall received many calls this week inquiring about the low levels of Sand Lake and Mill Pond. Staff work their way through the different government offices and finally found the person with the answers – the Integrated Resource Management Technical Specialist from Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. MNRF were on site Thursday and inspected the pond and today provide us with the below statement. We expect that the levels will come up soon and your concerns will be addressed.

With recruitment of staff and transition of roles, we have been in the process of refining our approaches and communications around dam operations.  As such, the valve at the hatchery wasn’t closed as much as it should have been during reStcent operations.  We have since taken steps to minimize further impacts, and we will continue to monitor the status of levels on an ongoing basis until more rain is received.

Village RFP for Canteen at the WTC Communications Centre

With the Junior C League playing at the WTC Communications Centre, we hope to open the Canteen. Please share with those you think might be interested.


  • Full use and operation of the canteen facilities within the confines of the premises known as WTC Communications Centre. Operator will pay an amount agreed upon to the Village of Westport for a leased term of the 2022-23 season
  • The canteen is expected to be open during all organized sporting events and special events as required. The season is to begin September 15th (or the beginning of the minor hockey season) is expected to run to March 31st
    • A pre-planned ‘Calendar of Events’ will be agreed upon by the operator and the Village
    • Of primary importance, would be the servicing of all junior and minor hockey games, tournaments, special events, etc. This would average out to approximately 20 hours per week.
  • A viewing may be arranged (by appointment) of the premises prior to proposal submission. 
    • Limited kitchen equipment, as well as a fridge, freezer and fryer all provided

Sealed proposals marked ‘RFP-2022-01 – Canteen Services Proposal’ will be received by the undersigned until July 12th, 2022, at 11:59 am. Proposals will be accepted by regular mail, personal delivery, fax, or electronic mail. 

The successful vendor will provide proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance of not less than $2,000,000 listing the Corporation of the Village of Westport as additionally insured. WSIB coverage, or its equivalent is required. 

In addition, at least one person working the canteen must possess a valid Food Handler Certificate for each shift. 

Two positive references required, to the satisfaction of the Village of Westport. Awarding the contract is conditional upon the proponent entering into a contractual agreement with the Village of Westport, subject to negotiated terms.

Kimberly Westgate, CAO/Clerk
30 Bedford Street
Westport, Ontario, K0G 1X0
Phone: 613-273-2191
Fax: 613-273-3460
Email: cao@villageofwestport.ca 

Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 96th birthday in milestone jubilee year.

On behalf of Council and residents and business owners in the Village of Westport, Ontario, Canada, we wish Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II a sincere happy 96th Birthday. The Queen is an inspiration to us in Canada and throughout the Commonwealth.

This year also marks her 70th year on the throne. We look forward to the Platinum celebrations planned throughout the year.

God Save the Queen.