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pile of blankets is growing … let’s collect more for the homeless

If you have blankets taking up space in the back of your linen closet, or under a bed, or otherwise not needed by you and your family, pls consider donating them.  A wonderful young woman from Newboro is spearheading a Christmas drive for the Kingston area homeless men and women.

You can add to the blankets on my front porch at 15 Rideau St, Westport or drop them at St Paul’s Anglican Church tomorrow and next Sunday.  Our goal is to collect 60 blankets.

Thank you for your consideration.

blankets Nov 16


It will be an especially scaaaary night in the village this Hallowe’en

Thanks to the many people who have decorated their haunted houses with ghouls, ghosts, witches and our very own Game Of Thrones!!!!  Rain or shine – the kids and parents will be out later today to ‘trick or treat’.  Have fun finding these outstanding haunted houses.

Please wear bright clothing and drive carefully and watch out for our children.  Be safe everyone.

Hallowe'en GOT

Emergency Management Training

The Village recently put a call out to the community for volunteers to bolster their ranks during an emergency.  To assist the Westport Emergency Operations Centre, support is needed in three areas – note taking (scribe), canvassing residences and setting up reception centres.  Several people responded to the call, including all members of Council.  Training was provided in the morning of October 28 by Mayor Robin Jones, Councillor Barry Card and Alison Tutak, Director of Social Services for the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville.   A full scenario exercise involving all of the students occurred in the afternoon, which gave the students an opportunity to apply what they had learned.  Many thanks from all members of Council to those who stepped up.  Your commitment will provide much needed support during an emergency.

EM training Oct 28-19Paul Snider, Jackalyn Brady, Danielle Tapin, Rob Roberts, Delvalle Lewis, Patti Mueller, Ann Bellefeuille, Karen Earl, Kim Bonner, Melissa Sullivan, Elaine Bill, Alison Tutak, Mayor Robin Jones, Barry Card

Breakfast with the Mayor – Wednesday, October 23 @ 8:00, Cove Country Inn

Hope to see everyone tomorrow morning at the Breakfast with the Mayor.

The first speaker is Mr Barry Nabatian, A.A.S., B.Sc., M.Sc., who is the Director of Market Research at Shore.Tanner&Associates in Ottawa.  He will be providing insight into retail markets and trends.

The second guest is Mr Stephen Rolston, owner of Land Ark homes and is the developer for the “Rice Farm” in Westport.  Stephen will be sharing information on the residential development he plans for that property. This is an information session for Mr Rolston to share his plans.  

If you are planning on breakfast, pls send Patti Mueller an email, so that the Cove has an accurate count.  pmueller@villageofwestpot.ca