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Please join us for Remembrance Day @ 10:30 – new Cenotaph location, Lockwood Park off George St

Bundle up tomorrow morning and join in the rededication of the Cenotaph, which has been relocated to the George St entrance of Lockwood Park, beginning at 10:30 – although the choir will be singing by 1020.  Remembrance Day Ceremony follows the rededication.

Cenotaph - Canadian flag


The best community to be part of, absolutely THE best

What a week-end here in the Village.  It started last night with the Rideaus winning their Friday night game and ending up alone in 1st place in their Division.  Tons of talent on this team!!!!

Saturday morning began with our one of a kind pharmacist, Tracey Phillips, arranging for a morning of shock and awe – that would be the demolition of Ducks!!!!  Many of you lined Concession St to watch the team from Hales take down the much loved, well worn building.  Tracey and Paul offered to raise money for FOTA.  For each brick sold (or donation made if people didn’t want a brick) as a souvenir they will match dollar for dollar.  As I type this, over $1000 has been donated – which means $2000 for FOTA.  Thank you Tracey and Paul.

And then the main event – Light up Lockwood.  If you weren’t there, you have to close your eyes and imagine 1200 pumpkins in the middle of the parking lot beside the baseball diamond at 2:00 p.m.  Add in about 100+ community members,  armed with knives and other sharp tools, and watch the fun as all of the pumpkins are carved and placed throughout the park.  My team includes Kim Bonner, Rob and Marianne Roberts, Ann Savage, Lisa Jackson, Nancy Mattice and Paul Snider.  And at 7:00 p.m., keep your eyes closed, picture 1200 pumpkins – and everyone one of them lit up … pumpkins on the spectator stands, on the playground, on the cenotaph, on the hill beside Concession St, and all the way around the path in the park.  WOW!!!!!!  Great work, John and Cynthia Pringle and Heather Huth.

As I said, the BEST community to be part of, absolutely THE best.

1st base stands

The natural children’s playground is one huge step closer to being ready!

A work bee today (Sept 30) in Lockwood Park saw one huge hole in the ground, 60 cedar long logs,  sunny autumn weather and with the hard work of 9 amazing volunteers turn into the skeleton of our playground.  Next week the hole will be filled with stones and then the finishing touches can be done to the structure.  (So it is still a construction area!).

Many thanks to Paul Snider, Mark Snider, Heather Snider,  Ike Doornekamp, Peter Vanderschuit, Frank Huth,  Bob Popma, Dave Bylsma and Paul and Henry Millar.






The Cenotaph has been moved to its new and prominent position in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park

In 2016, Westport Village Council determined that its 2017 Sesquicentennial project would be moving the cenotaph from the fire hall parking lot to a prime location in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park.  Today, under the supervision of Josh Doornekamp, the move was completed.  Although there is still lots to do to get the area ready for November 11, you can already see why we felt it was important to move the cenotaph to this new location.

The park is also about to get the first phase of its playground.  Mr Paul Snider, our CAO, and a group of amazing volunteers will be building the playground on Saturday.  Wow!

Take a moment to come to the park.  Walk a few laps on the track, sit on one of the benches and visit with friends and family and take a moment to enjoy this jewel in the middle of the village.cenotaph Sep 27


Updates on what’s happening in the ‘Port

I got home from holidays on Monday night and had a wonderful time.  Thanks for all  your kind thoughts and emails.

Now … here in the Village there is lots going on.  Let’s start with the progress on the build of the new waste water system.  You have likely seen lots of Tackaberry trucks on County Rd 42 over the past 6 or 7 days.  They are moving 77,000 tons of sand from their quarry in Seelys Bay to the waste water site.  Although the contractor got off to a slow start,  Paul Snider and I met with him on Tuesday and he is confident that the project will be finished on the contracted completion date of November 21, 2017.

Lots of work done by FOTA at the Arena this summer.  You won’t recognize it when you go inside.  The east wall has been insulated and painted, the seats have been painted and raised so that every seat has a good view of the ice, new zamboni door installed and press box is being built next week.  The Rideaus Alumni held a fund raiser on Saturday night and through the generosity of so many people, with special mention to Jimmy Howard, raised enough money to buy a new scoreboard that will sit above centre ice.  Come out and support the Rideaus this year .. first home game is next Friday.

Lockwood Park – second phase – is well under way.  Josh Doornekamp and his crew are moving the cenotaph from the fire hall parking lot to inside the Memorial Gates at the George St entrance and building the children’s playground with the help of volunteers.  And speaking of the Memorial Gates, the left pillar was straightened today – seriously!!  The cement pad for the cenotaph is in place so we get an idea of how the cenotaph will look once it is moved.  Definitely a place of honour for those who gave their lives for the freedom of our country.   The  hole has been dug for the natural playground and I hope that the structure will be built in the next couple of weeks.

I feel it is important to remind you that no tax dollars are being spent on the improvements at the arena or park.  The volunteers who make up the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and the Friends of the Arena spend hours fund raising and rolling up their sleeves to get the work done.  It takes vision, commitment and love of our community to accomplish what has been achieved at the arena and park.  Thank you to ALL of the volunteers who work on behalf of the Village and to those of you who give so generously when asked to buy a ticket, bid on a silent auction, attend a fundraiser and so many other events.  Working together, members of  Council and the public, we can accomplish whatever we put our minds to.  I am so proud to be your Mayor.