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Local Health Unit starts first Community Clinic in Westport


Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit

April 23, 2021

On Tuesday, April 20, the first Community Clinic was held at the Westport Community Centre/Arena. The Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit worked with the municipality and a number of local partners to set up the 7 hour long Community Clinic where 280 people were vaccinated. The goal of the Community Clinics is to provide access to vaccinations in communities outside of our Fixed Site Clinics in Almonte, Smiths Falls, Kemptville and Brockville so that those who are unable to travel have the opportunity to receive a vaccine.

Setting up a Community Clinic comes with a set of requirements provided by the Ministry of Health. The amount of space to keep stations 2m apart and the ability to provide internet access are the main factors needed to be able to run a Community Clinic. The team learned some valuable lessons from the mobile clinics held in Long Term Care and Retirement homes as well as in congregate settings and EMS home vaccinations that helped them in planning. Clinics are community driven and achieved by partnership between public health, municipalities, family health teams, health care providers and other interested partners.

To plan the Westport clinic, we started working with the community over a month ago. A lot of work from agencies and volunteers helped make the day a success. The Clinic was held from 10am to 5pm with the morning appointments being booked through the local pharmacy and primary case to give ensure local people had access to the clinic. The clinic filled up quickly with many eager residents wanting to be vaccinated. A second dose clinic will be planned for around August 10th.

In the future, we look forward to providing more Community Clinics in other areas of LGL. A clinic is scheduled for April 27th in Elgin. Vaccine supply continues to be the factor that determines the ability to plan more clinics. 

Watch for promotion through your local municipality for Community Clinics in your area. Until then, we encourage all individuals over 40 years old to contact a participating pharmacy to see if they are providing AstraZeneca vaccine.

For more information about COVID-19 vaccine, visit: https://healthunit.org/health-information/covid-19/protection/. You can also call 1-800-660-5853 or connect with LGLHealthunit on Facebook and Twitter.

70+ Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit

MEDIA RELEASE – March 29, 2021

If you are over 70 years of age (born in 1951 or earlier), you can now book an appointment to receive vaccine at one of the COVID-19 clinics in Brockville, Kemptville, Smiths Falls, or Almonte (or elsewhere in Ontario).

  • If you or a family member have a green Health Card (with photo) and an email address

o   You can also call the Provincial Vaccine Information Line at 1-888-999-6488, open Monday to Sunday from 8:00am to 8:00pm If the booking systems are busy – try again in afternoon or later if possible to get through.


If you do not have a green photo health card, or need help to access the provincial online booking tool:

o   Call our local Leeds, Grenville, Lanark Call Centre toll-free at 1-844-369-1234, open 8:30am to 4:00pm, 7 days a week. If you cannot get through then try later in the day.

o   Emailcovid@healthunit.org and include your name, date of birth, and preferred clinic location(s) and a phone number. Due to the volume of email, it may take several days to reply.

If you have friends or family who are 70 or older (were born in 1951 or earlier), ask them if they have had their vaccine or booked an appointment.  Consider helping these individuals to book their appointments, as some may not have online access or be comfortable booking online appointments.

Only individuals who are eligible and who have booked an appointment will get their vaccine at our clinics. Do not share any booking codes you receive with family or friends.

Please check our eligibility tool to see if you are eligible to receive the vaccine at this time in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. We will be updating the tool regularly so you will be able to find out when you can receive the vaccine. If you have any health concerns, speak with your health care provider before booking.

Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Region Moved to Yellow – Protect Level

Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit


March 12, 2021Today the government of Ontario announced that the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark region will move from the Green–Prevent level to the Yellow – Protect level of the Keeping Ontario Safe and Open COVID-19 Framework. The sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in the region over the past two weeks means that the region is on the border between yellow and orange zones.

A Section 22 Class order was put into effect on March 5 in the Municipalities of Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place and Beckwith to reduce opportunities for people to gather and have close, unprotected contact with others outside their household in public and private facilities. Given there are new restrictions on food premises within the Yellow Zone, Section 5 Dining and Drinking Establishments of the Section 22 Order will be rescinded as of Monday, March 15, 2021 at 12:01 AM. The remainder of the Section 22 Order remains in effect.

The move to the Yellow – Protect level means that strengthened public health measures will come into effect in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark on Monday, March 15, at 12:01 a.m. The additional measures include limited hours of operations for certain settings, limits on the hours for sale of liquor in food and beverage establishments and limits on the number of individuals permitted in food and drinking establishments (6) and other settings. Full details of the limitations and restrictions for the Yellow – Protect Level can be found on the Health Unit’s website: https://healthunit.org/health-information/covid-19/business-re-opening/framework/.

“The move from Green-Prevent to the Yellow – Protect level in our region highlights how quickly COVID-19 can spread when public health measures are not in place,” says Dr. Paula Stewart, Medical Officer of Health for the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit. “Our staff are working diligently to follow-up with all people with COVID-19 and their high risk contacts to isolate them and prevent transmission in our community.  We are relying on the residents, businesses, services and workplaces in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark to follow precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 in their settings. It is in our hands to protect our communities, and prevent further restrictions at levels beyond yellow.”

Staying home and apart as much as we can is the most important thing we can do. Being safe and protecting yourself means you are protecting your family, friends and co-workers.

 S – Self-isolate if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Consider getting tested

M – Mask/face covering on properly when in enclosed public spaces and when physical distancing is a challenge outdoors.

A – Avoid touching your face.

R – Remain 2 metres/6 feet apart from people not part of your household – avoid play dates, and other close social contact. Social circles beyond the household are no long encouraged.

T – Twenty (20) seconds for regular hand hygiene. Cover your coughs and sneezes.

Health Unit Issues Class Order to Contain Community Outbreak in East Lanark County


Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit

March 6, 2021

In response to the increase in COVID-19 cases in east Lanark County, Dr. Paula Stewart, Medical Officer of Health at the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit has issued a Class Order pursuant to Section 22 of the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act, 1990. 

“The purpose of this Class Order is to help contain the community outbreak of COVID-19 that is occurring in the eastern portion of Lanark County,” explains Dr. Paula Stewart, Medical Officer of Health. “Everything that each and every one of us does makes a difference in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in households and the community. This Class Order will reduce opportunities for people to gather and have close unprotected contact with others outside their household in public and private facilities.”

This class order effective from 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, March 5, 2021 until rescinded by the Health Unit is issued to owners and operators of public and private facilities that operate in the Municipalities of Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place and Beckwith where the public may gather, including but not limited to: indoor sports venues, places of worship, banquet halls, wedding venues, dining and drinking establishments, clubs and or organizations that may have meeting facilities that can be rented to the public.

In accordance with this order: 

·         Sports facilities must close and cease operations, including curling rinks, privately owned arenas, and indoor sports venues that offer facilities for sports such as soccer, lacrosse, tennis, squash, pickle ball, etc.

·         Facilities operated by clubs and organizations must cease rentals for private social gatherings.

·         Places of Worship may operate in accordance with the requirements of 364/20 with additional restrictions related  to social events in their meeting spaces.

·         Banquet halls and wedding venues may operate in accordance with the requirements of Ontario Regulation 364/20, and only events that are hosted, organized, and managed by the venue are permitted, with additional restrictions.

·         Dining and Drinking Establishments may operate in accordance with the requirements of Ontario Regulation 364/20 with additional restrictions,  including that patrons/guests seated at a table must be part of their own household, requirements for logs to record contact information, and requirements for personal protective equipment for employees.

Any failure to comply with this Class Order can result in fines of up to $5000 for every day or part of each day on which the offence occurs or continues.

The Class Order is posted on the Health Unit website, https://healthunit.org/coronavirus/ along with the most up to date information on COVID-19. You can also call 1-800-660-5853 and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @LGLHealthunit for information.

Leeds, Grenville and Lanark HEALTH UNIT COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

I spoke to the Health Unit last week and requested that Westport be selected for a vaccination site. I was informed that a mobile site will be set up at the Community Centre (arena) – likely in July.

The availability of vaccines remains a challenge for the federal government. We are all watching the reports and waiting for some positive signs that large amounts of vaccine are arriving in Canada.

The Ministry of Health has set a 3 phase strategy and within each phase has identified priority populations. The Health Unit has taken these phases and groups and developed a six stage roll out plan for our area.

Stage 1: Long-Term Care Homes/High risk Retirement Homes Staff, Residents and Designated Essential Care Givers

Stage 2: Highest priority and very high priority Health Care Workers (HCW) and Adults (80+)

Stage 3: High priority Health Care Workers, residents and staff of congregate living facilities (such as group homes, shelters, low risk retirement homes), all Indigenous adults, adult recipients of homecare

Stage 4: Moderate priority Health Care Workers, Essential Workers (first responders, teachers, food industry, etc)

Stage 5: High Risk population (to be defined by Ministry of Health) and beginning of age cohorting (ages 60+ to start)

Stage 6: All others in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark that are 16 + and would like the vaccine

Here is the Health Units’ tentative schedule. If shipments from the manufacturer are delayed, timelines will be pushed back.

  • Stage 1:
    • January – February: First dose*
    • February – March: Second dose*
  • Stage 2:
    • February – March: First dose*
    • March – April: Second dose*
  • Stage 3:
    • March – May: First dose*
    • April – June: Second dose*
  • Stage 4:
    • March – June: First dose*
    • April – July: Second dose*
  • Stage 5:
    • March – August: First dose*
    • April – September: Second dose*
  • Stage 6:
    • July – onward: First dose*
    • August – onward: Second dose*

Individuals who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in each stage will be notified by public health. For the first 4 stages (Long-Term Care Homes, High Risk Retirement Homes, Health Care workers, residents and staff of congregate living facilities, and essential workers) this notification will happen through the facility or workplace. For those 80+ in stage 2, and those in stage 5 and 6 (high risk population, and age cohorts), the Health Unit will be communicating widely on social media sites, its website, through local radio and newspaper, as well as through their healthcare and community partners. The Health Unit will continue to update the public about its progress, including which stage they are in and which priority population is receiving vaccine and which priority population is next to receive vaccine.

All vaccinations will require an appointment and I was assured that there will be lots of “help desks” available to provide support in making these appointments.

Here is the Health Unit’s web site. Please watch it for updates.