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Canteen at the Arena – UPDATE

I am pleased to announce that Neil Kudrinko will be running the canteen at the Arena.  Neil will bring some new ideas and food/drink options that will certainly please hockey fans and other people using the arena.

Thank you Neil and Martha!!


Westport Council 2017/18

Although there are still a few months until the new Council begins in December, I wanted a photo that included CAO/Clerk Paul Snider and Treasurer Anne-Marie Koiner.  You have both added your experiences, professionalism and enthusiasm to making Town Hall a more responsive and friendlier place for the public.  Thank you both!

Watch for our Christmas photo that will include the new Council and all Village staff!


If you can spare a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon to lay sod in Lockwood park, please join us at Fetch Murphy Way and Main St at 4:00 p.m.

The Green Street Challenge is occurring on Saturday, June 30 at Fetch Murphy Way.  The sod will be laid on the road in the morning and children of all ages are invited to come and play throughout the day.  The Fire Fighters will be hosting a BBQ at the spring as well.

At the end of the event, Green Street Challenge donates the sod to the host.  This means we can finish some of the projects at Lockwood park and lay sod around the stage and basketball court, including the berm beside the natural playground.

It is going to be a hot day and we are asking for volunteers to make the work go quicker.  There will be some fire fighters rolling up the sod beginning at 4:00 p.m.  If you can spare a couple of hours to help, all of the sod can be rolled up and then laid at the park.

Paul Snider, CAO/Clerk will be on site at Fetch Murphy Way at 4:00.  Please sign in with him if you can help us out.

Thank you.

The Cenotaph has been moved to its new and prominent position in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park

In 2016, Westport Village Council determined that its 2017 Sesquicentennial project would be moving the cenotaph from the fire hall parking lot to a prime location in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park.  Today, under the supervision of Josh Doornekamp, the move was completed.  Although there is still lots to do to get the area ready for November 11, you can already see why we felt it was important to move the cenotaph to this new location.

The park is also about to get the first phase of its playground.  Mr Paul Snider, our CAO, and a group of amazing volunteers will be building the playground on Saturday.  Wow!

Take a moment to come to the park.  Walk a few laps on the track, sit on one of the benches and visit with friends and family and take a moment to enjoy this jewel in the middle of the village.cenotaph Sep 27

Another round of visits by Le Boat staff

This week, several staff from Le Boat are touring the Rideau Canal communities who will be hosts next year to the new Le Boat visitors.  This morning was the visit to Westport and CAO Paul Snider and I welcomed:

Julian Famseh, Online Marketing Executive with the Northern European Marketing team in Germany

Janina Dinter, Sales Executive / Vacation Planner, part of the Sales Team for Northern European Marketing team in Germany.

Mohamed Zourdane, Sales Agent,  based in Castelnaudary (close to Midi Canal, France), and is responsible for bookings in France and Spain.

Linda Gaden, Sales Consultant, based in Sydney, Australia and looks after Australia, New Zealand, Asia & Pacific.

The international exposure that Westport is getting through Le Boat is very exciting.  Hoping that 2018 is a great year for Le Boat on the Rideau.Le Boat - Sept 20Leboat - Sept 20