“A person of Robin Jones’ calibre is rare and seldom comes along. Her passion for the Village of Westport, its’ Citizens and the challenges that we face, is matched by her vision and her credentials. We believe she is the leader to take us into the future.”

–Chris Gilbert and Beth Moores


“Since Robin moved to Westport, she has taken the lead and worked tirelessly for the village to ensure a vibrant, growing, caring  community.   Since elected to council, she has demonstrated her ability to get to the core of the matter and ask difficult questions.  She has the proven leadership skills, ability, ideas, vision and energy to be an effective mayor.  I have worked with Robin in various spheres and am proud to support her in this election.”
–Mrs Frances Hazell, Westport


“Robin was highly regarded by the Police Service Board and the First Nation leadership we serve.  Her leadership skills and ability to work in a team environment are second to none.”

–Mr Frank McKay, Chair, Nishnawbe-Police Service Board, Thunder Bay


“Robin is a rare and exceptional leader who possesses the talent and desire to create a compelling vision for community growth and rally the community around her vision. Immediately after being elected, Robin spearheaded the establishment of an Economic Development & Tourism Committee for the Village and this committee has been responsible for moving many key issues forward.  Robin listens to the residents, she under-promises and over-delivers. It is with great anticipation that I show my support for Robin in the mayoral race.  As Robin says, “This is your Village, this is our Village”.  She is truly a mayor for all residents.”
–Mr Glenn Allen, P Eng  Westport


“Someone with Robin’s extraordinary drive, enthusiasm and experience in dealing with critical matters, only comes along once in a while. We would be missing an important opportunity if we didn’t vote for her this time around.”

–Mr Terry Cowan, Westport


“I have known Robin Jones since 1977, when we met at the Ontario Police College.  I have had the pleasure to work with Robin on several of her creative endeavours and I wholeheartedly endorse her mayoral campaign. I have personally seen her in action at several events and her energy is boundless and infectious and her leadership style is caring and effective.  The community groups she has worked with, in particular the northern Ontario First Nations,  greatly benefited through her spirit of cooperation and commitment to communication. Her experience, enthusiasm and abilities will ensure that she is an effective, successful Mayor in Westport.”
–Gwen Boniface, Commissioner (retired) Ontario Provincial Police


“Robin Jones has been a valuable asset to the Westport Arts Council. In her various capacities, she has made significant contributions to the Council, its events and activities. Her considerable foresight, talent and hard-work is appreciated for our events, in particular the VOICE of the Rideau.  Robin developed the concept and remains responsible for the delivery of this unique singing competition.  As Chairperson for the past 2 years, Robin’s leadership skills have encouraged us to take bold steps in our programming efforts, which has included refocussing our efforts on youth and the arts.”

–Dr Rob Roberts, Westport


Committed to community. Dedicated to progress.

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