Dear Residents of Westport,…

RJ letterOn Friday, August 1, I announced that I am running for election as Mayor for the Village of Westport and I am seeking your support on October 27.

The challenges facing the next Council are many. Most urgent is to find a workable solution for our waste water management, which requires listening to and considering viewpoints of the stakeholders. I have arranged and will be attending the meeting between the engineering firm currently contracted by the Village; the company who designed, installed and oversaw the operation of the Snowfluent system until 2008 and the Village of Westport.

Other challenges are rebuilding trust between the public and Town Hall and rebuilding the Village’s image. It will take a strong leader, with equally strong management skills, with an honest respectful approach and powerful communication skills, who will face these challenges directly and not settle for the “status quo”. I am that leader.