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Weeds in Upper Rideau Lake

Staff at the Harbour have been spending hours every day raking the weeds and pulling them out of the water.  Most days at least 20 garbage bags of weeds are removed.  It has been a very unusual summer.

The Village hires a contractor annually to cut the weeds and this year that occurred on Friday, July 6.  The contractor removed the weeds from the water and delivered them to a local property owner who used them as fertilizer.

I suspect every home and business owner on the Upper Rideau this year has the same challenge.  If anyone wants to help out at the Harbour, please contact Harbour Master Kevin Kardash.  Or if you want some of the weeds for fertilizer, come on down to the Harbour and help yourself to a few bags!!!


Interested in helping Friends Of The Arena (FOTA) at its work bees this month?

Mark Herlehy and FOTA will be at the arena on the below listed nights getting things ready for the season.  If you can give them a hand, you will find they are a very friendly, well organized group to join.

Work Bees

FOTA has scheduled work bees for 3 Tuesday nights in August.

Tues. August 14 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Tues. Aug 21 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Tues. Aug 28 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Anyone who would like to help out, please just show up, and bring some tools or paint brushes if you have them.

If you have any questions please give Mark a call at 273-3582 or 328-6049.


Hats off to the Perkiomenville Mennonite Church of Lancaster, Pa

The past couple of days, you may have seen some work crews in the Village and wondered – hmmmm, I don’t recognize any of them.  You would be correct!

Pastor Scott Roth of the Perkiomenville Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and a group of church youth were camping at Murphy’s Point and wanted to do some volunteer work in the Village.  On Tuesday, they painted every one of the 44 fire hydrants in the Village.  You probably have noticed the change subconsciously, and now will spot each one of the bright yellow fixtures!  Yesterday, they worked at the Harbour with Harbour Master Kevin Kardash helping get things ready for the Manotick Antique and Classic Boat Show being held on Saturday.

Thank you to Pastor Scott and every member of the friendly (and hard working!) team.  You are welcome back any time!!!!

perkiomenvile mennonite church

Sometimes, it is the little things…

I have commented before about the pride that we take in our Village and the different ways it can be seen, felt and touched.  Some businesses have taken the big step this year to make major changes to their stores, several new business have opened, home owners are painting, roofing, gardening, putting on additions to their homes.  Yes – Pride of ownership, proud to be part of Westport.

This week I noticed changes to signs.  Although perhaps not as “grand” as some of the other changes people are making at their businesses or homes, they are just as important.  Business signs are what visitors and tourists notice right away, while forming their thoughts about our Village.  There are many other stunning and professional signs in the Village, and I hope you agree that these two help to show what makes Westport such a visually rich place in which to live, work and visit.

The first is a new sign at St Edward Catholic School and Church on Bedford St.  Its installation was finished last week.  Clean lines, professionally finished.

St Edward Catholic School.JPG

The second sign I want to share with you is at the Dancing Moon Gallery and TEA ROOM at the corner of Spring and Church Sts.  Just like the gallery owners, this sign is creative and delivers a very clear message of what you will find inside.

Dancing Moon Gallery and Tea Room.JPG

Water Leak on County Road 10 – near Pond St at bottom of Foley Mountain

Thank you to the number of you who stopped me this morning while I was walking the girls, left voice messages and dropped by the house to let me know about the water on the road on County Road 10.  It must have been a surprise in the middle of this drought to run through some water!

Public Works has checked out the situation and confirm that it is chlorinated water and believed to be from the services running across the road.   Repairs are hopefully being scheduled for Monday morning when we can properly schedule traffic control, excavation and road paving.

Only the residents on Pond St may experience a service disruption while the repairs are underway and they will be notified by Public Works.

Please call if you have any concerns… 9195