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Flower Beds have new caretakers in Lockwood Park

Many thanks to St Paul’s Anglican Church congregants, Frances Hazell, Mary Chaikowsky and Arthur Thompson for the effort they have put into the two Memorial Gate flower beds in Lockwood Park.

The past couple of years, I weeded them in advance of the July 1 celebrations, but these orphan gardens needed a lot of TLC.  What a difference some time and effort have made. Frances and Mary planted beautiful annuals in time for Canada Day and ensured they were watered and maintained all summer.

Last week, Frances, Mary and Arthur worked together to plant hydrangeas.  I am sure they will be stunning next summer.  Thank you for taking the initiative and making our park more colourful.


Westport… LOOK UP!

new streetlights #1new streetlights #2The replacement of the old incandescent street lights with energy efficient LED lights was finished on Friday.  All street light fixtures were changed, however we added some Victorian design to the ones in the downtown core.  The bulbs cast much more light, cost less to use and a small grant was available to offset some of the cost.  We expect the pay back for the capital costs will be realized within 7 years.  If you haven’t seen them at night, make a point of it tonight!


On behalf of Council and everyone who lives, works and visits the Village, please accept our thanks – the flower boxes, gardens and hanging baskets were absolutely stunning this year!  The colours and the sheer bounty of the arrangements provided such natural beauty in our Village.

I have just returned from Italy, where the warm Mediterranean climate keeps its flowers in full bloom even now.  The contrast was so stark today when I noted that fall clean-up is underway and that the boxes and baskets had been removed.  Thank you again for all of your hard work.

On that note, I leave you with a smile.  A quote from Elizabeth Maud Montgomery, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  Happy Autumn.



Volunteers needed to provide support to the Emergency Operations Centre

An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a centralized command and control room where public safety, emergency response, and support agencies can plan, prepare and respond to a wide variety of events.

A fully capable emergency operations facility is an essential element of a comprehensive emergency management system and necessary to ensure continuity of operations. Council Chambers in the village of Westport has been equipped and designated as our EOC and is used for managing emergency events. 

Village staff have been trained through the Ministry of Solicitor General for key positions.  They have a good understanding of the Critical Incident Management protocols and support their use to realize the following advantages in an emergency:

A. Centralizes Incident Management

  • Provides central point where all information related to the incident is received and analyzed, incident priorities are determined, strategies are developed and critical resources are assigned to tactical operations.
  • Provides for operations during extended periods of time.
  • Enhances coordination between involved agencies and provides for the efficient and effective use of all modes of communications available for the incident
  • Minimizes disruption to campus departments not directly affected.
  • Provides a centralized location to conduct planning meetings, tactics meetings, shift briefings, media briefings, press conferences, public information releases and other information dissemination.

B. Provides for Situation Status Management

  • Establishes a central location for information to be gathered, analyzed, tracked, displayed, distributed and stored.
  • Provides for the verification of information.
  • Provides for immediate availability of incident information.

C. Provides for Resource Status Management

  • Establishes a single location for resources to be tracked (e.g., personnel, equipment,), their location and status.

As we move into winter and the ever present concerns of severe weather, we have taken stock of our strengths and capacity and are looking to the public to add to our bench strength.  The Village needs volunteers to assist with three areas during an emergency or similar event and we will be holding a training day on Monday, October 28. 

The following roles require assistance from the public through trained volunteers:

A. Canvassing.  Whether it is a boil water advisory, severe weather event or evacuation, we need volunteers who can knock on every residential and business door in the community to communicate the situation and document their actions.

B. Reception Centre.  In the case of evacuation, a reception centre(s) needs to be established as a safe meeting point for residents and business owners.  Social Services from UCLG will assume this responsibility once they arrive in the village, but we will need to get things set up.

C. Scribe for the Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC), who has overall authority for the event/emergency, needs a note-taker during an incident.

An advertisement from Town Hall with more information on how to apply will soon be posted the Village and my web site as well as in the paper.  The training on October 28 will cover these three areas in the morning and in the afternoon we will hold a mock emergency exercise so volunteers can see how things work in an emergency. 

Please think about volunteering for these roles.  If you are not sure, join the training and see if it is the right fit for you.

Call anytime – 273-9195