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Sarah BONNER on the Podium in the Alps!!

Congratulations to Sarah, who just finished first in her age group after competing in a triathlon in the Alps.  And she placed 125th out of 1500 other athletes.  Her time was 07:45:04.28 .  Sarah – Your hometown is so proud of you!

If anyone wants to read “the rest of the story” about this unique race in France, I have included a summary below.

It is unique because the swimming event takes place in the crystal waters of the Lac du Verney, accessible to swimmers only during the Triathlon. Exceptionally, thanks to the authorisation of EDF, a partner in the competition, competitors will have the privilege of swimming in clear waters, at an altitude of 700 m, in a setting of greenery provided by the luxuriantly wooded peaks that surround this body of water. Sheer delight, which will soon make you forget the rather chilly temperature of the water, at some 15-16°C at the height of summer.

It is unique because the course of the bike race is quite simply legendary, with 3 mountain passes on the programme – the Alpe du Grand Serre (1375 m) and the Col d’Ornon (1371 m) – as well as the climb of the 21 switching bends of the climb to Alpe d’Huez, which has earned its well-deserved fame in the Tour de France, which includes it almost every year.

The magic of doing the same ride as the participants of the Tour de France never fails to impress both champions and amateurs alike.
The landscapes on this part of the Ecrins Mountains are simply fabulous. If you’re lucky, you might even see some chamois on the wild hillsides of the passes!

Patience and courage are the mottos for this major altitude change course, which is unique, finally, because once you’ve set down your bike, the run course event takes place within the majestic setting of the resort of Alpe d’Huez. The course is a mixture of asphalted roads and mountain paths, and consists of three 7.3 km loops. 

One last altitude effort that confirms that the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon is indeed a summit of the international world of triathlon.

CAN.png BONNER Sarah 

FS2 / 1 
00:38:24.92  172  05:21:41.92  222  01:41:40.74  68  01:12:22.51 

The Lockwood Memorial Field and Park Renewal has begun in Westport!

The current and previous Village of Westport Councils gave strong support to developing Lockwood Memorial Field and Park into a place that will welcome everyone and be inclusive for people of all ages, all mental and physical abilities and where they can enjoy a peaceful day or one full of activities with family and friends.

The plan for the revitalization of the park is built upon the results of the Lockwood Memorial Park survey completed in 2014, which had a significant return rate of 35%,  and includes:  a walking path, stage area for the arts and family gatherings, spray pad for children, ageless playground/fitness area, Cenotaph relocation with a memorial walk, basketball court, improvements to the baseball field, picnic and leisure areas and gardens.  This plan was approved by Council earlier this year and has been used to apply for provincial and federal grants and in correspondence from the Mayor to Lockwood Foundation asking for funding.  The planning considerations for the government grant applications require the park to be open 12 months a year; to be accessible for people of all ages, all physical and mental abilities and all community groups; and that future arts, leisure and tourism events and programming can occur.

Over the next 6 weeks, the final steps in the demolition of the tennis courts and shuffleboard will be completed in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park.  Last Thursday, the new owner of the shuffleboard fencing removed it and the tennis court fencing owner will do the same by Labour Day.  The Village is tendering for removal of asphalt in the tennis and shuffleboard courts as well as for the construction of the walkway around the park.  This work will be completed in 2016.  Plans are proceeding to move the cenotaph in 2017 from its current location in front of the fire hall to be front and centre inside the Memorial Gates at the George Street entrance to Lockwood Memorial Field and Park.

The Village is applying for federal and provincial grants for sources of revenue. However, so far the renewal of Lockwood Memorial Field into a park that we all can enjoy is being funded through donations.  Generous donations.

The Lockwood Foundation has committed $100,000 to the Village over the next 4 years.  In 2016, they have given $25,000.  The Village needs to raise additional funds in 2017 – 2019 to receive the rest of the grant money. The continued support from the Lockwood Foundation is deeply appreciated and vital to building a sustainable park.

Individual donations from community members are helping move the projects along.  To date, donations of $1,000 have been received from Kim and Rick Bonner, The Cove Country Inn and Robin Jones.  Rob and Marianne Roberts and Seasons of Westport have helped out with $500 each.  David Egan provided architectural support and you will see his work in the professional drawing of the renewal plan for the park.

Moving the Cenotaph is the Village’s Sesquicentennial Project, a decision supported by Branch 542 of the Royal Canadian Legion.  The relocation of the cenotaph will help us remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we enjoy the freedoms we have.  A generous donation from Gregory and Susan (Hamilton) Guichon of $10,000 covers 50% of moving the cenotaph to its new location inside the Memorial gates.  Mr and Mrs Guichon have become involved in the Village, helping out in a variety of ways and picking up where Dr Hamilton left off.  In particular, this donation from the Guichons, which will help move the cenotaph to a prime location in the park, builds upon the deep Hamilton family service to Westport.  Dr Hamilton helped shape the Village of Westport through his unfailing dedication and service to the Westport area from the early years of the 1900s until his death in 1955.

How can you help with the renewal of Lockwood Memorial Field?  For the month of August, Kudrinko’s Country Grocer will be holding a Twoonie Month.  Your cashier will ask if you would like to donate $2 to the park.  Please consider helping.  You could ‘Be the Spark – in Lockwood Park.’  Thanks Neil and Martha!

To see a diagram of the plans, you can drop by Town Hall or the front display panel outside of the Arena. There will be an Open House in the next couple of months to provide you with further information.

If you have any questions about the Lockwood Memorial Field and Park renewal, please contact the Councillor of your choice or Mayor Robin Jones.

The World’s BEST Soccer Player, yes – a woman, tells her Story of Success. A woman of True Grit – well, stubborn is how that translates from Portuguese. Hope you are inspired.

Marta Vieira da Silva “I built my career based on pure insistence”

Stubbornness. If there is one word to describe how I got here, that would be stubbornness. Of course, talent, dedication, and taking absolute advantage of all the opportunities I had, all of this made a big difference. But were I not stubborn, my career would not even have started…

I reached the age of 30 with an extensive résumé. I play in Europe. I was the first person elected as the best player in the world five times, a record for men and women equaled only by Messi last year. I wear the number 10 jersey for the Brazilian national team. In World Cups, I am the top scorer in history, with 15 goals – if I score but two more goals in 2019, I will leave even Klose behind and lead the rankings for both men and women. The more than a hundred goals (101, to be precise) I scored wearing the yellow jersey put on the top of the list of the absolute scorers for the National Team – leaving the second place to no other than Pelé, the greatest of all. My feet are on Maracanã stadium’s Walk of Fame , and I am the first woman to ever have been paid this tribute. In 2010, the UN appointed me World Ambassador, a title I carry along with the mission to work for the empowerment of women as a way to combat poverty.

Anyone who reads about my achievements, condensed into a paragraph, might think I have lived a dream. And that may even be true, but getting here was no easy task. The effort I made to get where I got is very distant from the little concrete field of dreams.

Vindicating oneself in sports in Brazil is already an amazing feat, but just think if you do so in women’s soccer, which has fallen victim to the neglect of both the leaders and, why not say it, the to the macho society. From an early age, at my little town of Dois Riachos, in the interior of the state of Alagoas, I had to convince boys I could play ball. I used to always kick plastic bags up and down to prove to others that I could be just as good as anyone. People look down at a girl playing ball in the middle of a lot of boys. So did my family. But, as I said, when I make my mind up about something, I am the only person who can argue myself out of it. When I was 14, there was a scout from Vasco da Gama who took me to the club, where I started my professional career.

The hurdles to face were tremendous. Just think about it: In my country, the so-called “Country of Soccer,” my sport is still seen as an amateur endeavor. In Europe, many athletes live off of soccer, and are followed by thousands of fans. National and international championships have been around for a long time. Just to mention an example, the Swedish Women’s League has been around since 1988. Female Brazilian players continue fighting for the creation of a women’s league.

But I was always very combative. Stubborn, you know? I never gave up on anything. When I was a kid, I remember that not even girls wanted me to take part in physical activities because, as they would say, “Oh, she will win anyway.” So I tried not to get discouraged, because I needed an opponent to be able to achieve my goals.

That is how I am. That is how I’ll always be.

I have completed 30 Springs – and am already among the team’s “experienced” players – the same year that I have, literally, a golden opportunity: To win the gold medal for Brazil at home, in #Rio2016.

Having the opportunity to defend the yellow jersey in yet another competition, and one of this scale, to me seems like an award for all the sweat I shed throughout my career. The difficulties and praise in Sweden, the learning I made in the American Soccer League, playing for Pelé’s Santos, all the records, victories and defeats with the National Team. A few days before the opening of the Olympics, I feel that my entire career was written just for me to get here.

I had opportunities throughout my life – and grabbed on to them the best I could – but I shall never forget where I came from. And I think this is how you should manage your career: Focusing on the doors that open; with special attention to the future that is drawn, always trying to anticipate the rough plays, but with your memories always honed in on your roots, so that life will not let you forget who you really are.

Who am I? Stubborn.

This post was translated from the Portuguese by LinkedIn. The original can be read here. The author cannot respond to comments in English, but welcomes a conversation among readers.

Heritage Days – congratulations on a successful event.

Thank you to the volunteers from North Crosby, Newboro and Westport who organized and participated in a fabulous day, reminding us of our roots.  There were many  informative displays – some were interactive, great food, wonderful music and rich story telling.  Miss Fanny Murphy kept us in stitches as she talked about growing up in North Crosby.   Special thanks to Westport Councillor Jacky Brady, who in addition to many other festival committee duties, kept the event alive on social media.

Miss F Murphy
Miss Franny Murphy talking about growing up in North Crosby. What a sense of humour!

Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) grants announced Friday, July 8

Good news from Queen’s Park was received on Friday in relation to potential funding for the waste water treatment plant.  The long awaited announcement arrived stating that applications for OCIF grants for 2017/18 could be submitted.  Closing date for applications is 5 p.m on October 21, 2016.  Decisions are made and municipalities notified in early February 2017.

The Village received a grant from OCIF in 2015/16 and this was the same grant fund that turned us down in 2016/17.  I am optimistic that, after reviewing the criteria for this year’s (17/18) grant, Westport’s application should be accepted.