What to do about noisy parties at a neighbour’s house?

You should be able to call your neighbour and let them know that their noisy party is preventing you and other people in your house from sleeping.  Ideally the music gets turned down, the people lower their voices and the problem ends through cooperation and respect for each other.  When that does not work, you can call the Ontario Provincial Police.  They will respond to your request and speak with the owners/occupants and resolve the issue for you.  You do not have to speak to the police when they arrive on your street and you can inform the OPP call taker that you would prefer the officer to call you by phone if she/he has any questions.  The OPP will respect your request to remain anonymous from your neighbour.  If the OPP has serious incidents being investigated at the same time your call is received, you may have to wait a bit for their response.

However, when there is also a bonfire at the party and you have concerns that it is not being tended to appropriately, then Chief Jay Bernardi, Rideau Lakes Fire Department has asked me to tell you that he wants to be notified – at the time.  You call 911 and explain your concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me.  273-9195