Federal Budget and provincial government grant update

I watched with hope for the Village as the Liberals unveiled their federal budget yesterday.  The details are sketchy, however there is mention of green infrastructure grants for waste water treatment plants ($.50 from the municipality for each $1.00 from the government).  MP Gord Brown is also working on our behalf to learn about the criteria and time lines.  We will be awarding the contract for the detailed plans of the subsurface dispersal system to an engineering consulting company at our Council Meeting on April 4.  The RFP has closed and a team of technical people are reviewing the submissions.  The timing is good for us to make this grant application as we will soon be “shovel ready”.

Mr Bryce and I have concluded our meetings with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.  I would summarize their comments after hearing our appeal for this year’s OCIF 2 grant – that they have heard about our serious concerns and encouraged us to apply for OCIF 3 grant in April/May ($.90 for each $1.00) – there is no money left for this construction year.  We were also encouraged to ask to carry over the remaining portion of our OCIF 1 grant into 2017 when we apply for OCIF 3.  No promises were made, however we never heard the word “no” in regards to moving forward.

Please call if you have questions or concerns.