Volunteers – we have the best!

This week, I was at an event with other politicians from Eastern Ontario municipalities and one of them said “You have the best volunteers in Westport”.  You know it,  I know it and it seems that people for hundreds of km around know it.

Our Village’s bench strength comes from those individuals who give freely of their time for the good of the community. We have flowers and banners beautifying our streets, we are raising  much needed funds for the arena, our arts council is bringing more than 20 events to the ‘port each year, minor sports coaches providing strong role models for our youth and children, a service club who knows the meaning of “service”and a Royal Canadian Legion who places the Vets and serving members of the Armed Forces first.  There are many others who do important work – each and every day.bike repair kit at Info Centre

What about the community member who wanted to support the many cyclists who travel through the Village and donated a professional bike repair kit, which is now mounted on the outside wall of the Information Centre?

What about the many volunteers who came together to help the village host Rideau Thunder this week-end?  A wonderful event, despite the weather, that brought people with different interests to town. This group of volunteers were helping get the registration packages and voting ballots for the Show’n’Shine ready on Thursday night.

The criteria used by researchers to determine what makes a municipality a “best place to live” yields consistent results study after study.  Community.  In a great community, people engage with that community.  They get out and LIVE with their neighbours, business owners and visitors to build a strong sense of community for the greater good.  Well – Welcome to Westport – a great community!