You Spoke, We Listened

On February 3, 2015, the Council of Westport held a Budget Town Hall meeting to hear your concerns.  The following concerns were introduced by members of the public:

  1. By-law enforcement
  2. Litter barrel pickup during the summer season
  3. Garbage bags instead of garbage tags
  4. Speeding on Main St and Rideau St
  5. Recycling, including costs and eligible items for recycling
  6. Plans for the paving of Bedford Street

Now, 18 months later, I can report that Council has acted on your concerns.

  1. We have hired a by-law enforcement officer
  2. Routine litter barrel pickup has been increased during the summer months
  3. We have gone to garbage tags for large garbage bags.  There is still a large inventory of small garbage bags
  4. A new 4-way stop was put in place at the corner of Bedford and Main St
  5. The recycling program for the Village of Westport is driven by the Township of Rideau Lakes, as we use its services.  We will continue to encourage the Township to widen the eligible items for recycling
  6. We have been unsuccessful in our grant applications to pave Bedford St.  The cost is approx $1.5 million and we will continue to keep this issue on our radar and apply for grants as they become available

Please continue to keep Council informed on your concerns and suggestions.  This is our Village, your Village.