Welcome to our Park!

The path was completed in Lockwood Memorial Field and Park this week.  Come out and enjoy a stroll – or a jog – on our new 1/4 mile path.  Yes – for fitness buffs, 4 times around the path is 1 mile!  Westport in  Bloom will be placing a few of the heavy park benches beside the path so that you can take a break and enjoy the “green” in the middle of the Village.  With the tennis court and shuffleboard fences removed and those surfaces replaced with grass, the park  – well – it now looks like a park!

Next year, the cenotaph will be relocated inside the George St gates and we have applied for a grant that will allow us to build a playground near the firehall.  No tax dollars have been used for the Lockwood Memorial Field and Park regeneration – grants and donations have and will continue to cover the costs.  Many thanks to our generous donors and to the Village’s hard working staff .

Here is the view from George St.