Beef Dinner Fund Raiser for the park was a huge success

Last night, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee to Council hosted a dinner to raise funds for the ongoing work at the Lockwood Memorial Field and Park.  The dinner was held at the Lions Club Beach House and it was the perfect venue on a warm spring day.

Hats off to the Kudrinko and Pringle families who donated all of the food.  Seriously – thank you for your generosity.

Great work pulling this together with Councillor Frank Huth leading the way.  There was a host of volunteers helping to ensure that everyone enjoyed a great supper and silent auction.  Thank you to all of you.

And to the members of our community, who always come through and donate generously, you raised over $2700 towards this year’s improvement to the park, which is a children’s playground.  Lockwood Foundation will match that amount, so overall the dinner has raised $5400.

What an amazing night, thank you to everyone.