The little July 1st parade that grew…

Rain could not dampen the Westport July 1st – STRONG, PROUD & FREE – Sesquicentennial parade!  At the beginning of the parade we announced that the Senior of the Year was Miss Frannie Murphy and she took her seat of honour at the beginning of the parade.  This year we had a huge number of girls, boys, moms, dads and other adults and dogs in the parade.  The bikes, trikes and other 2 &parade July 1.jpg 4 wheeled vehicles (and dogs) were all decked out in Canadian flags and red and white decorations. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to show our red and white.

Thanks to the Hutchings for the tractors, to Jerry Doyle for the red vintage entry, to Knox Presbyterian church for the fabulous float and to the Royal Canadian Legion’s Colour Party.  The parade also included 4 fire trucks, the OPP cruiser, 1 go cart and 2 horses and a pony.  Seriously!!!  In Westport.David Egan July 1

Hope everyone can join us for the rest of the day at Rideau Vista Public School!  It is going to be a great celebration for our 150th birthday!horses July 1