Help fill the Westport Time Capsule

Dear Westport Residents and Business Owners,
We hope you have had a great year celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!
Now there is only one more fun thing to do before the year ends! We would like to put a Westport Time Capsule together and have it in the ground at Lockwood Park before the snow flies.
We hope you will participate in this project because it will be so easy!
We simply want you to write up a one page article on who, what, where, when and why you LOVE living in Westport!!
  • Who? Write about who you are living in Westport – a single person or a family. Everyone has a different story. And don’t forget, there are all kinds of families living in Westport (grandmas and grandpas, mom/dads and pets, big families, little families)
  • What are your favourite things or activities to do in Westport?
  • Where do you live? What is your house like and where is it located in Westport.
  • When did you or your family arrive in Westport? You might have to look a long way back in time…
  • Business Owners – tell us about your business, how long have you been open? what is special about operating a business in Westport
  • Why do you love, love, love about living, working or playing here?
You can include a photo, a picture or something that helps people in 2067 understand why we think Westport is so special – in 2017!
Please seal your written submission in an envelope and deliver it to to town hall before October 30th.