Westport in Bloom has Christmas gift suggestions….


Janette Auer
and the Westport in Bloom Tree Sale Committee
Last year for the first time we opened our tree sale before Christmas as an experiment and were overwhelmed by the immediate response of our customers. It might have been the suggestion that “the Christmas gift of a promise of a tree in spring” was embraced so enthusiastically, or perhaps it was just that we have such a collection of tree lovers among us that people couldn’t wait to get their orders in!
Whatever the reason for our phenomenal success in 2017, our greatest tree sale ever, we have decided to open up the sale early again – today, to be precise. And this year is very exciting for us because for the first time we are dealing directly with our supplier instead of as a sub-group of another tree sale. We now have much greater control over what we order and direct access to the supplier. More work for us, but even greater excitement than before about the whole process. We are offering 25 absolutely gorgeous tree varieties, some repeats from earlier sales, some we’ve never offered before.
Westport in Bloom is a small volunteer group dedicated to keeping the village beautiful with flowers in summer and decorations during the Christmas season. Everything we do costs money and every penny raised by the tree sale, our main fundraiser, goes to doing just this. We also like to think of the tree sale as a public service. We are providing beautiful, very high-quality trees to our customers at excellent prices, much lower than garden centre prices, allowing people to enhance both the value and the enjoyment of their properties.
Take a look at our catalogue here on the Westport in Bloom website: https://westportinbloom.com/trees-3/  or click on the document attached below, which you can save and browse on your computer,
and contact me at janette.elaine.auer@gmail.com (or just reply to this email) or 613-273-8760 for more information or to place an order.
And watch for regular tree sale updates by Betty Jo MacDougall on Facebook sites such as Westport Ontario and the various Buy, Trade and Sell sites for nearby towns and regions.
Please keep in mind that many of our trees sell out early, particularly the fruit trees, so if you’re interested in any of our offerings, don’t hesitate with that order! Trees will be delivered in late April, and pickup day is usually Saturday of the last weekend.
If you wish to order a tree as a gift for someone else, we can make available a Westport in Bloom gift card (not a gift certificate) for you to send to the recipient of the gift tree.
with all best wishes, and hoping to hear from you soon,