When I was elected Mayor in 2014, I had three main goals.  They were: (1) Resolve the issues with the waste water system, (2) Improve the relationship between Town Hall and members of the community and (3) Enhance the perception of the Village of Westport outside the municipal boundaries.  Goal # 1 has been accomplished and efforts have been made for goals #2 and #3.  And when there is an opportunity to celebrate achieving one of these goals, I think it is important to share it far and wide.

On August 11, the Manotick Antique and Classic Boat Show occurred in our harbour for the second consecutive year.  Staff worked hard to prepare for the show, which included hours of cleaning up the seaweed that has been a significant challenge this year.  Hundreds of people made their way to the harbour to see these wonderfully cared for vintage boats.  The weather was perfect, the boaters were pleased, the visitors to the harbour enjoyed themselves.  It was a great show

I received this email on August 15 and have permission to reprint it from its author.  Unsolicited and to the point.  Congratulations Westport! We are a gem, a perfect diamond on the Rideau.  And our people are among the friendliest, most caring and most proud of their Hometown.  Awesome.

P.S.  Thank you to our Harbour Master, Kevin Kardash.

Aug 15, 2018

Hello Mayor Jones:

When we decided to exhibit our Kavalk at the boat show this past weekend, we didn’t expect to enjoy our day as much as we did.  The Village of Westport is beautiful and very hospitable. We spoke with many locals who were friendly and very proud of Westport.  Even the tourists who attended the show were of a different ilk in their enthusiasm.

Another thing which jumped out is the level of Westport’s pet friendliness.  We met and spoke to so many dog owners who were just too happy to share their pets history, and allowed us to pet and adore them.  We saw and met more dogs than we can count.  This was especially precious for us as we are still mourning the loss of our Minnie (English Cocker Spaniel).  

We will be back in September and intend to spend the night so we can visit Scheurmann Vineyard and Winery and not have to drive the hour and a half back. 

Regards and looking forward visiting Westport in September.

Tony and Marice (Kavalk Boats). 

PS  The dock master was also very nice and quick to welcome us to his dock.