Ms. J Donnelly & Rideau Vista Public School Eco Club students attended Westport Committee of the Whole 16APR

Rideau Vista Public School Eco Club presentation - Ms. J Donnelly and studentsStudents from Rideau Vista Public School Eco Club explained to Westport Council during their delegation yesterday the many ways students at the school have reduced waste and increased the amount recycled.  They finished their delegation with several “asks” for council, including the provision of blue boxes at Lockwood Field this spring and at the arena in the fall.  Council immediately agreed to these requests.

The students were professional, well spoken and very informed.  Thank you to the students from the Rideau Vista Public School Eco Club and their teachers – Ms Carty, Ms Seed, Ms Donnelly and school principal Mr Campbell.

After the delegation,  Council asked staff to arrange an information briefing on the current recycling options in Westport to determine if there are other potential ways to reduce waste.