What happened 3,191,000 times in the Village last week?

That is the number of litres of water from illegal sump pumps that went into the sewer system.  That is the amount of rain water that people sent to the waste water plant for treatment.  That is equal to three times the number of services in the Village.  And these wasteful 3,191,000 litres represent the sewage capacity two new subdivisions need to get approval to build.  These are the facts.

Council is asking every home and business owner to check the connection of your sump pump to ensure that it is NOT discharging into the sewer system.  Help your neighbours as well if you can.  If you have questions, please contact our public works department who will quickly respond to provide you with support.

I have heard it said “I pay my taxes, I am entitled to discharge my sump into the sewer system”.  One has nothing to do with the other.  Water/waste water are paid by the users, not by property taxes.    We want to have growth in the Village that will  REDUCE BOTH our water/waste water bills AND our taxes.

It has also been said, “I am just one household, how big an impact could I have?”.  The industry standard states that the volume from 1 sump pump is the same as 35 households.  So even ONE illegal connection is too many.

In the next couple of weeks, members of Council will be following up with residents and business owners to discuss illegal connections to the sewage system.  I encourage you  to check your sump pump connection today and ensure that it is not an illegal connection.  Council is providing a $250 grant to assist in converting illegal connections.  Contact Town Hall for details.

The last thing Town Hall wants is charges to be laid for illegal connections.  The fine is $500 for a first offence and $2000 for subsequent offences.  None of us want to see our residents or business owners pay that amount of a fine, which would go a long way to correcting an illegal connection.  However, it has been made very clear to Council that the vast majority of people in the Village want this issue resolved, illegal connections stopped, paving the way for new development.  Again, I encourage you to check your connections to confirm that it complies with the law.

Please call anytime if you wish to discuss.    9195.