Review of Canada Day 2019

What a day!  Breakfast, bicycle parade, fun at the beach and music & fireworks in the evening.  And lots to eat and fun at each event!

We also announced the name chosen from the community wide submissions to name the “big red dog”, donated to Lockwood Memorial Park.  Dr. A.L. (Ambrose Lorne) Lockwood was born March 30th, 1888 in Westport, Ontario. He attended Westport Public School, Athens High School and went on to McGill University for medical training.  In 1914 he enlisted on the front lines of the surgical medical unit and was a pioneer in thoracic surgery. He received the Distinguished Service Order and Military Cross for his service in WW1. He has been recognized for his international reputation for contributions to surgical technique and published literature.

In 1987, Dr. A.L. Lockwood’s nephew Hiram “Buster” Lockwood, Director of Lockwood Foundation, approached the village to revitalize the park in 1987.  The baseball diamond was created at the time and funded by the Foundation.  This is the same foundation that gave a $100,000 grant to the Village in 2015 to add many of the new features including the basketball court and walking path.  When several of the submissions to name the “red dog” were “Buster”, the panel felt this was another way of recognizing the commitment that the Lockwood family has made to the Village of Westport.  So, say hello to “Buster” when you pass him in the park.

Thank you to all of the groups of volunteers who worked together to provide a Canada Day where everyone could show their pride.  Enjoy the summer!


July 1 2019 parade.JPGJuly 1st colour party.jpg