Invitation to a Blanket Exercise sponsored by Better Together Circle.

On Monday, August 26 from 7:00 – 9:00 at North Crosby, you will have an opportunity to participle in a Blanket Exercise sponsored by Better Together Circle. In this workshop blankets are used to represent land and the historic process of colonization and its effects on modern day relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous people. If you plan to attend you will need to register as space is limited.   We will be offering refreshments and although it is a free event we will be accepting donations to help offset costs. (see poster below for contact information)

Better Together Circle is a group newly formed, in June 2019, after completing an Indigenous Studies course given by Queens University Prof. Bob Lovelace.  They are a volunteer non for profit group interested in several areas, including Reconciliation, Resilience, Sustainability,  Environment and Climate Change & its effect on the Environment.

They are working with Indigenous and Non Indigenous Peoples to educate, (affect) support positive change, improve our way of life, involve the community in learning events & social events, (develop and implement) encourage change in how we live together, and care for the Environment, the Earth and each other.  As the Group evolves, they may include additional areas of interest from participants.

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