We will have two guests at the October 23 Breakfast with the Mayor being held at the Cove Country Inn.  The first is Mr Barry Nabatian, A.A.S., B.Sc., M.Sc., who is the Director of Market Research at Shore.Tanner&Associates in Ottawa.  He will be providing insight into retail markets and trends.  Mr Nabatian had a delegation with Council on October 8 and we found his insights interesting.

The second guest is Mr Stephen Rolston, owner of Land Ark homes and is the developer for the “Rice Farm” in Westport.  Stephen will be sharing information on the residential development he plans for that property.  There will be other “procedural” meetings in relation to the land development, as they are required by law.  This is an information session for Mr Rolston to share his plans.  Please let your colleagues and friends know about these two presentations, they will be very informative.

To ensure that both speakers have adequate time, the presentations will begin at 8:30 sharp.  Breakfast is served at 8:00. ($10 pp).   Please let Patti Mueller know  if you plan to come for breakfast, so she can let the Cove know.  

All members of Council hope to see you on October 23, 2019.

Please call anytime if you have questions – 273-9195.