Stage 3 of Recovery starts today

We have been together on this path of uncertainty for 4 months and have shown cooperation, support and leadership along the way.  Today the recovery has moved into Stage 3, which means all businesses in Westport can open.  There are some exceptions in Stage 3, however they do not apply to Westport businesses.  Physical distancing and wearing masks are still required under Stage 3 as is frequent hand washing.  Please support local businesses and continue to practice all of the health precautions that we have incorporated into our daily lives since March.  The virus is still active and yet, we have demonstrated how to successfully keep it out of the Village.

I have attached the link for the government guidelines on all sectors.  I think you will find it an interesting read.

Call if you have any concerns or questions.  273-9195

Click to access mof-framework-reopening-province-stage-3-en-2020-07-13.pdf