Ms Anna LASZLO will be delivering this workshop on the Village You Tube channel tonight. She will provide the science to help us understand how people develop implicit bias, how it impacts our relationships – both personal and business and how it seeps into public policy. Anna also delivers several suggestions, based on scientific research, of what can be done to minimize implicit bias in ourselves, colleagues and our organizations.

Ms LASZLO delivered this workshop at the ROMA conference on Tuesday this week and really hit it out of the park. I believe you will find her inspiring and her workshop riveting.

How to watch the workshop. Search You Tube on the web – you can use your computer, tablet or smart phone. Once you open the You Tube page, type Village of Westport into its search bar. The Village of Westport’s page should be the first one on the list, but it is clearly marked with out crest. Click on it and the village page will open. There will be several council meeting videos on our page (I encourage you to watch them when you have time) however you will have no difficulty finding the Science Behind Implicit Bias.