With a lot of effort by the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark Health Unit, I am pleased to announce that there will be a vaccination clinic here in the Village at the Arena. Thank you Dr Paula Stewart, MOH and Lucia Taggart.

Effective today, April 7, everyone 60 years of age and older is eligible to book their vaccine. Booking is available by using this link:

When the link opens, you will be guided to the Westport option and then follow the prompts – every prompt. The portal is a little finicky!

If you are 70 and over, have not been vaccinated and are on the pharmacy waiting list, Tracey advises that the pharmacy will be following up with you to arrange your appointment.

I want to thank Tracey Phillips for all of her “putting her shoulder to the wheel” and working with me to help the Health Unit take its decision to hold a clinic in the Village.

Helping us convert the arena into a vaccination centre are Michael Harris, Westport Lions Club; Dave Wickendon, Royal Canadian Legion Upper Rideau Branch 542; Brandice Hartin, Country Roads Community Health Centre; Paul Snider and Peter Evans from the Village of Westport and a whole truckload of volunteers! Special thanks to WTC for getting fibre into the arena, otherwise this clinic would not be possible.

MPP Clark and I continue to advocate to have the Westport Pharmacy designated as a vaccination location. Tracey Phillips would be an excellent host for such a centre.

Stay safe everyone and please encourage friends and family who are 60 years of age and older to get vaccinated.