February 3, 2022

 Design the logo for NEW Westport slogan

Municipal branding is more than just a website and a logo. A brand is an experience, an emotion and a memory.  It communicates what makes Westport unique and appealing through a combination of visuals and words. A strong logo can help boost economic development, tourism and the sense of community that residents enjoy.

We began the Village rebranding process with community input by asking the public to describe Westport in three words or less.  Over 250 suggestions were submitted.   From this list, the Branding Committee chose the top two words – LAKESIDE and  HERITAGE.  The committee members are the four Village of Westport Councillors and Ken Rose (this year’s Westport’s Senior of the Year), Joel Kimmel (artist and member of the Westport Parks & Recreation and Harbour Advisory Committee) Christine Janeway (author, artist and our Museum Curator) and Mary Chaikowsky (artist and member of the Friends of the Library).

The public was next asked to help the Village shape its new slogan.  The Village received 85 submissions.  When the committee’s votes were tallied, Timeless Lakeside Village received the most votes with 29.   Timeless on the Rideau was second with 14 votes.  Council confirmed the new slogan, Timeless Lakeside Village, on February 1.

The final step is to design our visual identity for the Village’s new slogan, Timeless Lakeside Village.  It will be used as our branding and visible on all Welcome signs, municipal stationary and other Village material and property.  Visual identity is the imagery that expresses our brand and differentiates us from all the others.

You are invited to submit your visual identity for Timeless Lakeside Village.


1. Computer generated submissions must be high resolution.

2. Original art must be capable of being reproduced in multiple mediums

3. All submissions become the property of the Village of Westport

4. Winning artist will receive $500 and public recognition from Council

5. Submission must be received by Wednesday, February 23 @ 12:00

6. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, March 1

All submissions should be sent to the attention of info@villageofwestport.ca and must be received by 12:00 on Wednesday, February 23.

Please contact Ms Patti Mueller at 613-273-2191 or pmueller@villageofwestport.ca if you have any questions.