MENTAL WELLNESS CHALLENGE – from the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre


It’s OK to not feel OK. This is a challenging time for everyone. Creating new routines and rituals, and finding ways to have fun and be active can help to adjust to this new situation.

The Mental Hygiene Challenge

We have all heard of dental hygiene, and we take care of our physical bodies daily with routine care. Now it’s time to give that same time and attention to our mental health. “Like a toothbrush for your brain!” The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre has launched a new mental well-being challenge this March to spend 10 minutes a day, every day, doing something that boosts our mental health. Journaling, time in nature, gratitude exercises, deep breathing or meditation can all help us to quiet the noise in our minds and work towards emotional well-being. Enjoy finding the activities that work best for you and make this March about creating positive routines for life that make you feel better inside and out.

Here is the link to the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre page: