Work Bee #1 at Serenity Garden

The part of Lockwood Park beside the fire hall has been named Serenity Garden. Plans have been on the books for the past couple of years to turn it into a quiet place for people to sit, read or reflect surrounded by plants and trees.

The first Work Bee was on Monday. Elizabeth Hess (Creative Gardens) is our Project Lead and landscape designer. Coordinated by Councillor Barry Card, the volunteers included Ross McLean, Peter and Linda Minnelli, John Buma, and Mayor Robin Jones. Public works Peter Evans and Brandon Monohan joined in with the heavy machinery.

Weather permitting, Work Bee #2 will be Monday, September 18 @ 09:00. Volunteers need to bring hard rakes, wear gloves and be prepared for some strenuous work as we continue to prepare the ground.

Future Work Bees will include planting, which will require more skill and less brawn! If you have a few hours on Monday, please consider joining