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Changes to council committees

As Council is at the half way point of its term, there will be changes to the Chairs of Council’s Advisory Committees in November. Affectionately termed the “Cabinet Shuffle”, councillors indicated at Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting that they look forward to the new challenges. The next six weeks will give councillors the opportunity to transition out of their current roles, tying up loose ends.

The community volunteers who serve on Council’s Advisory Committees do so with great enthusiasm and professionalism. Thank you for all your contributions to making the Village of Westport our vibrant and strong municipality.

At the Council Meeting on Tuesday November 3, 2020 the following appointments will be made:

Councillor Jackalyn Brady: Chair of Historical Advisory Committee & Chair of Tourism Advisory Committee

Councillor Barry Card: Chair of Parks & Recreation and Harbour Advisory Committee and FOTA

Councillor Rob Roberts: Council’s Liaison with Library Board and Chair of Westport in Bloom Advisory Committee

Councillor Melissa Sullivan: Council’s Liaison wth RVCA and Chair Community (Economic) Development Advisory Committee