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Volunteers – we have the best!

This week, I was at an event with other politicians from Eastern Ontario municipalities and one of them said “You have the best volunteers in Westport”.  You know it,  I know it and it seems that people for hundreds of km around know it.

Our Village’s bench strength comes from those individuals who give freely of their time for the good of the community. We have flowers and banners beautifying our streets, we are raising  much needed funds for the arena, our arts council is bringing more than 20 events to the ‘port each year, minor sports coaches providing strong role models for our youth and children, a service club who knows the meaning of “service”and a Royal Canadian Legion who places the Vets and serving members of the Armed Forces first.  There are many others who do important work – each and every day.bike repair kit at Info Centre

What about the community member who wanted to support the many cyclists who travel through the Village and donated a professional bike repair kit, which is now mounted on the outside wall of the Information Centre?

What about the many volunteers who came together to help the village host Rideau Thunder this week-end?  A wonderful event, despite the weather, that brought people with different interests to town. This group of volunteers were helping get the registration packages and voting ballots for the Show’n’Shine ready on Thursday night.

The criteria used by researchers to determine what makes a municipality a “best place to live” yields consistent results study after study.  Community.  In a great community, people engage with that community.  They get out and LIVE with their neighbours, business owners and visitors to build a strong sense of community for the greater good.  Well – Welcome to Westport – a great community!

Update – from the PORT to the FORT

I have heard from many of you asking how much we raised for FORT MAC yesterday? The street teams were out in force, the silent auction had 85 donations!, there was a steady line up of people lined up wanting to make donations directly to the Canadian Red Cross and other ways people gave.  I know that there is still money coming in from other initiatives that occurred yesterday, so you will need to wait for the final amount.  I can tell you that when I left the event at 10:00 last night, the amount was over $18,000.  WOW! WOW! WOW!  So stand by for the final amount, which will be doubled by the federal government.  Well done everyone and thank you.  You do it with PRIDE in our village, our community and our country!

Federal government announces $57million for infrastructure rehab work on the Rideau Canal

Great News!  The government has announced an investment of $57 million to rehab the Rideau Canal.  I have attached the government’s media release here.  Thanks to MP Gord Brown, MPP Steve Clarke and our own Seamus Cowan for keeping the importance of the Rideau Canal front and centre for the past several years.

News Release

For immediate release

Government of Canada invests $57 million in Rideau Canal National Historic Site

May 10, 2016           Ottawa, Ontario Parks Canada Agency

Canada’s national parks and historic sites belong to all Canadians. These beautiful natural environments bring Canadians together, attract thousands of tourists to our country, and support our local economies.

Today, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Minister responsible for Parks Canada and Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre, the Honourable Catherine McKenna, announced the installation of two paddle access points along the Rideau Canal National Historic Site.

These new paddle access points will ensure safe and easy access to the Rideau Canal for paddlers and their canoes, kayaks and paddle-boards, allowing even more community members and visitors to enjoy the history and beauty of this national treasure. The access points are located at Clegg Avenue and Patterson Creek in Ottawa.

These paddle access points respond to feedback from the local community and are an example of Parks Canada’s commitment to continually improving experiences for visitors to natural and cultural heritage sites.

Minister McKenna also announced a historic federal infrastructure investment of over $57 million in the Rideau Canal National Historic Site

Also, today’s announcement of over $57 million in additional funding for infrastructure work is the largest investment of its kind in the 184-year history of the Rideau Canal. The funding will be used to rehabilitate and repair bridges, dams, locks and historic masonry structures in communities along the Canal, more than doubling previously announced federal funding. This will improve the quality and reliability of visitor facilities and continue to allow Canadians to experience and enjoy this cherished UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Parks Canada continues to work with partners and communities to help the Rideau Canal be a premier tourism destination, foster recreation and support economic development along its whole length, from Ottawa to Kingston.

Mayor’s Sesquicentennial Task Force

Canada’s 150th Birthday is coming up fast.  At the March Council Meeting, the Village of Westport established the Mayor’s Sesquicentennial Task Force.  The purpose of this committee is to encourage and coordinate activities throughout 2017 in celebration of our 150th Birthday as a Nation.
I will be hosting a plenary meeting at the Lions Beach House on Tuesday, May 24 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. for volunteer organizations, businesses, churches and committees of Council – and anyone who wants to help out.  Please bring your ideas of what we can do as a whole village or as individuals/groups next year.  We will determine next steps based upon our discussions on the 24th.
Many of us remember 1967 – our Centennial Year … when we sang ….:
We love thee
Proud and free
North south east west
There’ll be happy times,
Church Bells will ring, ring, ring
It’s the hundredth anniversary of
Ev’rybody sing together!
We love thee
Proud and free
Now that you have that tune playing in your head, let’s think about what we can do in the Village to celebrate the Sesquicentennial in a BIG, CANADIAN WAY!
Mary Anne Bishop has volunteered to help with this task force.  Many thanks!
Please let Mary Anne thepamperedladybug@gmail.com or me know if you are able to attend the meeting.


Pull Together In Westport – Saturday May 14, 2016

Pull together on May 14 and help by picking up roadside and park litter in an effort to continue to make Westport a beautiful place to live, work and play.

Organize a group or come alone, enjoy the barbecue after the work is done and make this a day where the community pulls together.

Register at Town Hall at 9:30. Coffee will be hot to get you started. Barbecue afterwards at the Harbour will finish the day.

Bags provided. Please bring gloves and wear safety vest or bright top.