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Moving on at Town Hall

On Monday evening, the last Council Meeting was held with the current members of Westport’s Council.   The four years has been a blur and passed by so quickly.  We accomplished many of our goals, including replacing the old Snowfluent waste water system with a more efficient and effective system.  New businesses have settled into the Village and house sales are moving much better than in past years.

I would like to recognize those members of Council who are not returning for the next term.  Councillor Gerald Schwinghamer has brought your concerns regularly to the Council Chamber.  He has been the best prepared for meetings, taking a fair bit of friendly joking by his colleagues over the number of “yellow stickies” poking out from his Council agenda.  Your efforts – and your sense of humour – will be missed Gerald.

Councillor Frank Huth has worked tirelessly these past four years as Chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee, which also included Friends of the Arena (FOTA).  You only need to look at photos of the arena and Lockwood Park then (2015) and now to recognize just what an impact Frank has made, leading two different teams of volunteers to accomplish so much.  The work will continue on the foundation that you have begun Frank.

Councillor Mark Parliament has set a new course in his life.  Congratulations on your recent marriage, Mark, and best wishes for your baby daughter who is expected to arrive in the next month.

The new Council of Jacky Brady, Barry Card, Rob Roberts and Melissa Sullivan will be sworn in on Tuesday, December 4 at 7:00 p.m.  Please consider joining us at Town Hall for the inaugural meeting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 9195 or email at rjones@villageofwestport.ca.


Join the team and offer your First Impressions of our exchange community

People who visit our community for the first time can offer fresh perspectives and unique insights about our services, accommodations and tourist attractions. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) offers the First Impressions Community Exchange (FICE) program, where you can tap in to these insights.   By taking part in this program, we get paired up with another community and see what kinds of first impressions the Village makes when people visit for the first time.  What we learn can help us find ways to better attract tourists, residents and investors.

Our application to be part of FICE has been accepted and we have been paired with another community. We are recruiting and need four more volunteers, who will receive training from OMAFRA.  Our volunteers will:

•travel to our partner community to anonymously make observations

•record their feedback in a survey during the visit

Your costs for travel, accommodations and meals will be covered.

The exchange visits are where volunteer teams visit their exchange community and note observations in order to prepare a report back.  The evaluation of Westport by the other team will include:

Evaluate and get insights about:

◦services that make our Village visitor-friendly (access to transportation, information centres, signage, location of attractions)

◦physical spaces (historic sites, buildings and entrances)

◦community services (housing, education, jobs, health)

◦businesses, retail stores and restaurants

◦natural areas (harbour, parks and walking paths)

Evaluate how we serve visitors and get insights about:

◦what makes us visitor-friendly (access to transportation, information centres, signage, location of attractions)

◦tourist attractions (landmarks, events)

◦natural areas (parks, cycling and walking paths)

Evaluate our downtown area and get insights about:

◦the look and feel of downtown areas

◦businesses, retail stores and restaurants

◦entertainment (events, festivals, arts and culture activities)

If you are interested in being part of the Westport exchange team, pls email Councillor Gerald Schwinghamer at gswestport@gmail.com.  The First Impressions training will occur on Tuesday, Mar. 27 at 10 am at the Town Hall in the second floor meeting room.

I think this sounds like fun and encourage you to be part of it!

Call anytime – 9195

Thank you Manotick Antique Boat Show!!

What a fabulous day in the Harbour.  Over 40 beautiful, well cared for antique boats filled our docks today and gave lots of thrills and jogged memories of other summers at the lake.  Hundreds of people wandered about the harbour today, enjoying the best of what summer has to offer.  Well … at least until the thunderstorms cut the show a little short.  Here are some photos of the boats and the Village BBQ team – Councillors Huth and Schwinghamer, Rob Roberts and Rick Bonner.  Thank you everyone!