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Earlier this week, Fire Chief Scott Granahan declared a fire ban for Westport and Rideau Lakes.  This ban has been put in place as part of the ongoing risk assessment of COVID-19.  There are many large signs placed around and in the Village, however as most of you are staying home, please share this declaration with those who might otherwise not see the signs.

Should you be reading this from an adjoining community, please check the home web page of your municipality for news about a fire ban that might affect you.

Please stay well, stay at home, stay 6′ apart.

Call if you have any questions – 273-9195.

Level 1 Burn Ban has been put in place in the Village of Westport


With the dry, hot weather expected to continue for the next several weeks, a Level 1 Burn Ban has been put into place in Westport.

Level 1 means:

  1. No Burn Permits may be activated and Open Air Burning or use of Burn Barrels at any time is prohibited.
  2. Campfires and cooking fires are restricted in use.  They must be .6m x.6m x .6m (2’ x2’ x 2’) and built according to the by-law, with proper clearances and can only be used between the hours of 8pm. To 11pm.  They must be fully extinguished after use, allowing a fire to smoulder out is not acceptable.

Let’s work together to ensure there are no open air burnings or anyone using a burn barrel.  People with a campfire or cooking fire needs to pay special attention to the size of the fire and ensure that it is fully extinguished by 11:00 p.m.

Stay safe everyone.