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So much fun! Our picnic today was perfect! yes – we ran out of corn, chicken and ice cream!!!! But the music with Eric Uren was the best! Well done. You can never complain when your encore is a Bruce Springsteen cover!

FOTA was front and centre. Thanks to Mark Herlehy, Bob Scott, Chris Chisamore and Barry Card! DREAM BIG for the arena, er, I mean the WTC Communications Centre. Thank you to Mike and Steve Lynn for your generous 10-year commitment to the Village.

Shout out to our amazing picnic sponsors, Tracey Phillips and Paul Thorp (Westport IDA Village Pharmacy), Neil and Martha Kudrinko (Kudrinkos), and Paul and Heather Snider (Village of Westport). Thank you. The food was delicious. We will plan for more people in 2022!

See you next year.

Happy Labour Day!

September – a month full of new activity.  Students are getting ready to begin a new year, a new class and are excited about returning to school and catching up with friends they haven’t seen since June.  For parents, it is arranging schedules to get their children to sports and other organized activities as well as driving older children to colleges and universities.  And for businesses in Westport, it is time to catch their breath!

I hope that everyone enjoyed a hot and sunny summer and are looking as forward to the cool, crisp days of autumn colour as I am.

A couple of things to share with you.  You may have seen lots of activity at the arena last week including yesterday.  I learned this morning that all of the new ice making equipment is now installed and running very well.  Looks positive for the first Rideaus game on Friday night @ 8:00 pm.

You may also have noticed some water on the road in the area of 26 Bedford St.  This situation is being closely monitored.  At this point in time,  the repair is planned to begin on Tuesday morning.

Council meeting this week is Wednesday night @ 7:00 p.m.  Please join us if you can.