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Line painting should be completed tonight, Thursday, May 18

Thank you to everyone who spread the last minute requests yesterday asking people to remove all vehicles from the Village streets where parking spaces are painted on the road.  The crew will be back tonight – hopefully the rain will hold off – to complete the job.  Once again, if you see someone parking on the one of the affected streets or municipal parking lots, could you please inform them that the painters will be in the Village tonight.

Thank you

Line painting for parking spots to begin Wednesday, May 17 @ 4:00 p.m.

The Good news is the company we contracted to repaint the parking lines had a cancellation and are fitting us in before the long week-end.  The challenge is they notified us this afternoon that the work will begin tomorrow – Wednesday, May 17 @ 4:00 p.m. working through the overnight hours.

Village staff will be doing their best to notify businesses to ensure that no vehicles are parked on those streets where parking spots are painted on the road.  This also includes the municipal parking lot on Bedford St and the Community Centre hard top parking lot/firehall at the arena.  The work should be done by Thursday morning.

I am asking for everyone’s assistance.  If you see a neighbour’s vehicle parked on the street in one of these areas, or if that is their habit – please let them know that they need to find another parking spot for Wednesday night.  Again, this is only for those streets where the parking lines are painted on the road.  The accessibility parking spots and the no-P circles are also being repainted.

I apologize for the last minute notification and appreciate any assistance you can provide by watching for neighbours and others who might not read this blog/email.

If you have concerns, please call me at 273-9195 or email at rjones@villageofwestport.ca.