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All components of the Village waste water system are operating properly and no mechanical issues or breakdowns have or are occurring. In fact, the system just passed rigorous testing that confirms it is operating to standard.  The testing that occurred over the past couple of weeks has resulted in the lagoons aerobic layer allowing some odour through from the anaerobic layer.  Staff advised today that they expect conditions to improve shortly.

If you have questions about the waste water system or other Village matters, you can email info@villageofwestport.ca,  or Mr Peter Evans the Village’s Manager of Public Works pevans@villageofwestport.ca or please feel comfortable knocking on my door.

congratulations to our public works staff

In the heavily regulated world of water and waste water operations, it is a long path of learning, applying and passing examinations to becoming an ORO – Overall Responsible Operator. The ORO is the person responsible for all facets of the water and waste water systems. For Westport, this is Mr Peter Evans.

In the past year, the Village hired two hard working employees who are learning the trades. Last week, Jamie Day and Brandon Monaghan passed the first big hurdle and now are licensed as Operators-In-Training (OIT).

Please give them a Westport wave or honk to recognize their hard work, in a year where learning and studying has additional challenges.

Well done Jamie and Brandon.

Final job finished for Lockwood Park for 2018

Lots of great improvements were made to Lockwood this year, including the new stage and the basketball court.  The court took three kicks to get it right!  After the court was finished to our specs, a keen basketball player suggested adding another 7′ to its length creating a full half court.  We agreed and he volunteered to do the concrete pad.  Amazing.  This past week the final work was completed when the fence was built.  Thank you Josh Doornekamp, Frank Huth, Joel Kimmel and the rest of the 2014-2018 Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and Public Works Supervisor Peter Evans.

Remember, no tax dollars have been used for the improvements to the park.  Lockwood Foundation gave a generous grant 4 years ago that required matching dollars to be fund raised by the Village.  And the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and others did it!   Fantastic Team!  Thank you.

basketball court fence.jpg