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Contract awarded for rehabilitation of County Road 10 between Grady Road and the Lanark Boundary – April 9, 2019

The work to rehabilitate a 10 km stretch of County Road 10 is expected to commence soon and shall be in effect for a period of 7 months.  A full lane closure will occur from June 10 – July 15, 2019.  Some of the work impacts water species and, by provincial statute, cannot begin until July 1.  Daily single lane closures will be in effect for the remaining duration of the work.

The contract also includes fully paved 1.5 m shoulders.  There are many benefits to paved shoulders relative to lifecycle cost.  Staff recommended the paved shoulders as the existing slope on the shoulders and the steep gradient of the road results in ongoing operational issues and maintenance costs due to water run off during rainstorms.  Paving the shoulders will improve the stability of the shoulders and provide a safer environment for all users.

I will keep you updated if there are changes to the schedule.