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Update on the new Waste Water Treatment system – Jan 5, 2018

The contractor continues to finish construction on the new waste water system.  However, the lagoons are close to capacity and until the plant is fully operational, it will be necessary to haul effluent again this year to Smiths Falls.  The Village has tendered the haulage and you will begin to see trucks later next week.

The haulage will ensure that lagoon levels stay ahead of the daily flows, which is different than past years where the intention of haulage was to empty the lagoons.  I know we all hope that the system is fully operational in the next few weeks.

So, when you see the tankers on County Rd 10 or 42 next week, it is important for you to know that our contract states that the cost of haulage is the contractor’s, not ours.

Please call if you have any questions.  9195

Construction Work for new wastewater system begins Monday

It seems like it has been a long time coming – for residents and business owners and Council.  The waiting is over and the building of the new wastewater plant begins on Monday, July 24.

The tender was awarded to Selectra Construction Ltd, who will be using Hadovic Construction as its sub-contractor.  The build is expected to take 120 days, which will bring us into mid-November.  You will begin to see their vehicles on County Road 10 next week as they build a new driveway/road into the site to facilitate the heavy traffic of trucks delivering sand for the new system.  Once the road is finished, the truck traffic into the site may be quite heavy at times as the amount of sand required for the system is significant.

AECOM Engineering has provided experienced oversight and on-site supervision of the build.  Gaetan Beauchesne P.Eng has 25 years experience in water and waste water engineering and he will be overall in charge.  Sara Mashaie P.Eng will be the on-site supervisor and has 8 years experience in water and waste water.

Paul Snider, CAO and Clerk is in charge for the Village and he is strongly supported by our engineer Max Christie, Manager of Infrastructure.

I have met with all of these individuals and shared with them our values and that the future growth of the Village rests with getting this right.

Council is supportive of this group of men and women and think they are a well qualified team to build the new wastewater system that allows the Village to grow.

And so, it begins!!!!

Call if you have any questions or concerns.  9195.

Oh, What a Night it was!

I am pleased to announce that Council passed the by-law last night (July 4th) awarding the contract for the construction of the new waste water treatment plant to Selectra Ltd.  HOORAY!

Construction will begin in the next week and is expected to take 120 days.

I want to assure everyone that staff and I continue to be in contact with the Provincial Government to ensure that our OCIF 4 grant application meets all provincial standards and best practices.  These applications are due September 27, 2017.