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First Aid CPR – Life Skills Everyone Should Have

Do you know what to do in an emergency? We all know to call 911 but the first few minutes after an accident can be the difference between life and death. Knowing what to do in those crucial moments is something everyone can learn by taking a First Aid/ CPR course. 

As part of its community outreach, St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Westport has teamed up with Red Cross to bring a First Aid/ CPR course to the village. The course will be delivered in the church hall, . “Our outreach program is focusing on bringing in highly qualified professionals to offer the community access to skills and learning right here in the Village,” says St. Paul’s Kim Bonner. “First aid and CPR seem like the best place to start.”

The course will be held in the church hall, corner of George and Spring St on May 6 and will be a combination of online and in-person learning led by instructor Ingrid Hardy. Hardy runs her own business based in Kingston and has been teaching First Aid for the Canadian Red Cross since 2007. “I teach first aid because I believe it is a life skill. You can save your own life or someone else’s life. You never know when you will need the skills,” she says. 

Whether you are getting ready for a summer job, have been mandated by your employer or workplace, or even brushing up on your own skills, Ingrid can accommodate you. Full courses at various levels as well as recertifications will be offered. Please contact Ingrid Hardy directly to register. Space is limited. 613 840 5279 or Ingrid.training@gmail.com

Flower Beds have new caretakers in Lockwood Park

Many thanks to St Paul’s Anglican Church congregants, Frances Hazell, Mary Chaikowsky and Arthur Thompson for the effort they have put into the two Memorial Gate flower beds in Lockwood Park.

The past couple of years, I weeded them in advance of the July 1 celebrations, but these orphan gardens needed a lot of TLC.  What a difference some time and effort have made. Frances and Mary planted beautiful annuals in time for Canada Day and ensured they were watered and maintained all summer.

Last week, Frances, Mary and Arthur worked together to plant hydrangeas.  I am sure they will be stunning next summer.  Thank you for taking the initiative and making our park more colourful.


St Paul’s summer service & pot luck in Lockwood park

St Paul’s Anglican Church held its Sunday service in the park today (July 7).  The parishioners loved being outdoors and improvised skit in lieu of the formal sermon under the direction of Dr Ward, their priest. A pot luck followed the service and then onto the entertainment including another skit and “name that tune” game.

If you are interested in having your family, church or community organization picnic or gathering in the park, please contact Patti Mueller – pmueller@villageofwestport.ca to book the stage area.