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Update on water pipe leak

Good Morning.  Just spoke to the crew and they located the leak over night.  They should be doing the repair in the next hour or so.  When the pipe broke on Concession St a couple of months ago, our Engineer bought extra couplings and pipe, which are here in the Village.  As long as there are no unexpected complications, the repair should be made soon.

Should anyone with water feel like taking a pot of hot coffee to the crew, they worked through the night.  Here on Rideau, we are without water.

Thank you for your patience everyone.


Update on Water Pipe Leak in Village

The service providers are on Rideau St working on the repair to the water pipe.  As you may have learned by now, when the pipe burst today, the water came out with such a force that the water tower emptied before the broken pipe could be isolated.  When that occurs, the Medical Officer of Health issues a 48 hour boil water advisory.  Please heed the MOH’s advice.  Each resident should have been visited by a fire fighter or a member of Council tonight and received a copy of the boil water order.

Most of the Village has water again, however those south of Rideau, are waiting for the  broken pipe to be repaired.

It has been a long day and I want to recognize the efforts of the many service providers  – Charby Jackson, Ontario Clean Water Agency, Tackaberry and Westport Telephone Company – who have worked together to resolve this issue.

Specifically, I want to thank Chief Jay DeBernadi and the many Westport Fire Fighters who responded to my request to assist with the door to door canvas, notifying everyone in the Village of the boil water order from MOH.  I was so pleased to find so many of you at the Fire Hall for the 6:00 p.m. briefing.

I also want to express my appreciation to Councillors Huth, Parliament and Schwinghamer who came to the briefing and took their fair share of streets to canvas.  Together we are always stronger.

We all be waiting for the repair to be completed (some more than others!) on Rideau St.

Please call the councillor of your choice or me if you have any questions.

Mayor Robin Jones

Update on water pipe leak on Concession St.

The repair has been completed and we DID NOT lose pressure in the water system. So no boiling water order is being issued. There is still more work to finish the repair, but that will occur tomorrow. Right now the water tower is filling up and things are back to normal. Don’t be concerned when you see the crews out there tomorrow. Many thanks to Chief Jay and the Westport fire fighters … and to the many who emailed me ready to volunteer for the canvass on such a lousy night.

Call if you need anything. 9195

Broken water pipe on Concession St

As you may be aware, there have been people working on a broken pipe on Concession most of the day. The water had to be shut off with the valve closest to the water plant, which means we have been using the water in the tower.  The work has been proceeding slowly on Concession, however we are hopeful that it will be done within the next few hours.

If the repair is not done before the water tower empties (and the Engineer has calculated that we still have 5 or 6 hours) – two things will happen.  The first is that there will be no water until the repair is completed and pressure is restored to the system .  When the system totally shuts down, a 48 hour boil water advisory is put in place. The crew is working hard to get the pipe fixed before we get to that point.

Should we get to the boil water stage, firefighters and volunteers will be knocking on doors to canvass each household after 8:00 p.m. tonight.

I will keep you updated as the evening proceeds.  Please call if you have concerns.

Robin Jones