On Friday night (Feb 12), the rink was filled with the FOTA volunteers and donors, whose hard work and generosity was recognized by the Rideaus and the community.  It was a special occasion as AVIVA was on site to present FOTA with the $50,000 cheque for receiving the winning number of votes from hard working (and voting) folks earlier this season.

Councillor Ron Pollard, Township of Rideau Lakes, and I had a Mayor challenge during the 1st and 2nd period.  The young’uns – and I do mean young – the 4-6 year olds played a 10 minute game and Ron and I each took a different team to coach.  I am not certain that the goals were recorded, but the winners were each of the girls and boys who took to the rink and made their moms, dads and coaches proud!

To all who have donated your time, effort and money to FOTA, thank you for your commitment to our community.

Mayor’s Challenge – Feb 12-16 “Coach” Mayor Jones calling encouragement to her “team”.