54 cm – Record 1-day Snowfall

Wow!  I think we can all come up for air now.  Schools are open today.  Sun is shining and the temperature is “February cold”.  Thanks to Mr Charby and Mr Jackson for working so hard to get the streets open Tuesday night and working on widening them on Wednesday.  Still lots of work to do on the roads.  I spoke to the gents yesterday and the sidewalks are going to be a challenge.  We will see how what progress they make later today.  Perhaps the warm weather on Saturday will help.  In the meantime, please be careful when walking on the roads.

I also noted, like many of you, huge piles of snow moved onto the streets from private property.  I will be hosting  a meeting in the next couple of weeks with business owners and snow plow operators to discuss options of how we can work together to manage large snowfalls in the future.

Final word on this snow event is FUN!  The children (of all ages) hadn’t had any snow related activities yet this winter, so 2 “snow days” helped make up for that!