Meeting with Minister Duguid scheduled for Tuesday afternoon in Toronto

Thank you to everyone who sent an email or letter to Minister Duguid requesting consideration for the OCIF grant from the Village.  The Minister  has scheduled a meeting with me next week.  If you haven’t sent your email yet, please follow through as your concerns need to be heard by the Minister.

I would appreciate having a copy of all your emails/letters as I intend to have them with me at the meeting – so please send them to me if you haven’t already done so.

When the grant was turned down on February 5th, I also sent letters to the Minister of the Environment, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.  These three ministries and the Ministry of Infrastructure are the four that overlap in their responsibilities for the municipality.

Glenn Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and Ted McMeekin, Minister of Municipal Affairs have committed to meeting with me – those dates are still being arranged.

I will take with me into the meetings the knowledge that the thoughts and needs of all 672 residents and those who work and play in the Village are with me.  Westport has such a strong spirit.  I am proud to be your Mayor.