Rules for LEADERS in 2016

Gone are the days of the “top-down autocratic” leader.   In 2016, people expect to be included in decisions in the workplace.  This also holds true for volunteer, non-profit and church organizations.

While doing some research on leadership today, I was inspired by this gem for today’s leaders.    Thought I would share …

The modern day CEO develops from a different set of rules:

o When the rule says be out front, allow others to ride the horse. 

o When the rule says be the hero, let the others carry the flag.

o When the rule says retain power, make sure power is shared.

o When the rules say know it all, make sure others learn more.

o When the rule says tell people what they do, teach people how to do it.

o When the rule says put the portrait on the wall, put others up first.

o When the rule says have all the answers, look for the answers from others.

o When the rule says take all the credit, give all the credit away.”