Village of Westport Committee of the Whole Meeting tonight

Tonight’s agenda for the Committee of the Whole Meeting has a variety of items that will interest you.  Ken Rose and PREVENT ANOTHER WESTPORT STRAY (PAWS) is scheduled for a 10 minute delegation to provide an update on what PAWS has accomplished in regard to the Westport stray cat population.  A new by-law to allow designated staff to conduct inspection of properties for the purpose of determining compliance with municipal by-laws will be discussed.  A new performance management policy and procedures for municipal staff is also on the agenda.  7:00 at Town Hall.

In my last post about grant opportunities for the WWTP, I said I would keep you updated on any announcements from the federal government.  No news yet.

The Village of Westport web site is launching its interactive calendar this week.  Our goal is to incorporate as many of the activities in the Village as possible – so that everyone is using one calendar.  Watch for an announcement and a submission form to get your information on the calendar.